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The Woodstock brand may be showing its age.

The latest version of Woodstock will be a three-day festival to be held in Rome, N.Y., July 23-25, featuring some of the biggest popular music acts. But it hasn't grabbed the attention of big-name marketers as yet.

So far, only Columbia House has inked a deal to become the exclusive title sponsor of the 65-hour pay-per-view event, called "Woodstock '99 Presented by Columbia House."

Sponsorship executives said the deal was struck for about a $300,000 to $500,000 fee. Additionally, a marketing executive said, Woodstock '99 has hooked up a sponsor of its Webcast-Gotcha Sportswear.


Five years ago, PepsiCo was a large-and only-sponsor of a three-day Woodstock festival, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the original event. According to industry experts, PepsiCo paid $5 million to $6 million.

"We did not get a sponsor on the scale of Pepsi this year," said Jeff Roland, executive producer for Woodstock '99.

Still, Mr. Roland said the event has deals with other companies, though he didn't provide details.

"The whole Woodstock experience seems to have lost some of its cachet and has been diluted," said Bill Chipps, an editor at IEG Sponsorship Report. "There are dozens of other summer music tours that are already locked up" with sponsors.

David Smith, senior director of music club advertising at Columbia House, said this is a good deal for touting its Web site (www.columbiahouse.com).


The music club long has been known for direct-mail marketing. Mr. Smith said the Woodstock target audience will help boost its image and sales of club memberships through the use of its growing site.

In addition to pay-per-view promotional spots on local cable systems in the weeks leading up to the event, Mr. Smith said Columbia will get 5 minutes of time for its ads during each day's telecast, including on-air "bugs" carrying the program title.

So far, the festival has sold about the same number of tickets as its last effort, said Mr. Roland, with an estimated final total to be around 250,000. Tickets are $150 for the three days. The pay-per-view telecast is $59.95 for all

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