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Marketing work played a big role in the life of Ronald Reagan. It was winning a Wheaties contest for best baseball broadcaster that first took Dutch to Hollywood, while his time working as a pitchman at GE is often credited for his finely honed speaking skills and ability to connect with the working man.

1932 radio Reagan: When Dutch was a sportscaster for WHO radio in Des Moines, Iowa, this card, an ad for Kentucky Club pipe tobacco, was sent to listeners who wrote in to the show.

1948-57 CHESTERFIelDs and van heusen: Reagan was a pipe smoker as a young man, a habit he later gave up, but ads for Chesterfields and Van Heusen helped spread his fame.

1950s GEneral electric: Reagan met more than 250,000 employees in his time at GE, honing his communication skills.

1954-62 GE THEATER: Reagan was a popular host of the Sunday night show on CBS. In the employ of BBDO, and guided by GE's PR folks, he also helped spread the company's new "outstanding entertainment" mantra among staffers.

1959 union pacific: "Dome Dining? That's for me! It's one of the extras I enjoy on a Domeliner," said Dutch in this New Yorker ad.

1965 boraxo: The then actor hosted "Death Valley Days." The ad was filmed on set and at his own ranch.

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