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Network Associates, a network security and management company, has hacked its way into ad prominence. TV :30s, themed "Who's watching your network?" feature a stark white background and spooky people -- including this conspicuous Harvey Keitel wannabe -- boasting of how easily they can tap into your computer system.

The print campaign takes a different tack, with a colorful listing of actual sites, such as, and the ever popular The theory is, anyone crazy enough to name their site might be savvy enough to hack into your system and post your payroll for the hell of it.

client Network Associates agency Think New Ideas, Los Angeles exec cd&CW Larry Kopald cd Rich Frankel ad Gordon Melcher and Scott Pacer producer Robert Parker Director Mark Coppos prod company Coppos Films Editor Hank Corwin, Lost Planet composer Andy Snavely and Nathan Dubin, Chris Bell Music

Three new Mountain Dew spots show what happens when extreme sports meets extreme caffeine. In "Duet," two snowboarders meet in the sky to the tune of "Tonight" from West Side Story, but she sends him flying solo, keeping the Dew for herself. In "Dem Bones," we see the agony of extreme wipeouts, which result in extreme hospitalization. A third spot shows how star sprinter Michael Johnson turns on the Superman speed to turn back time and get to a store before it closes, a few decades earlier.

client Pepsi agency BBDO/New York cco Michael Patti SRcd&cw Bill Bruce cd&ad Doris Cassar producer Gary Delemeester (all) and Sherry Lyerly ("Dem Bones") director Kinka Usher ("Duet," "Johnson"), J. Dayton and V. Faris ("Dem Bones") prod company House of Usher ("Duet," "Johnson"), Reactor Films ("Dem Bones") Editor John Murry and T. Muldoon, Nomad

A new national multimedia and POP anti-smoking campaign is designed to assist the vigilant retailer in the war on underage smoking. The campaign's launch coincides with the first anniversary of the FDA ruling that requires tobacco sellers to check the IDs of all buyers who appear to be under 27. Sesame Street-like illustrations are accompanied by endearingly frank copy -- "Our cashier really stinks at guessing ages. So if you want cigarettes, can we see some I.D.?" -- and some ads even list the fines for the clerk who fails to card. And don't forget, kids, the law applies to chewing tobacco, too.

client Food & Drug Administration agency Arnold Communications/Boston cco Ron Lawner cd&ad Pete Favat cd&cw Rich Herstek Illustrator Emil Wilson

"What is it about people who work at gates? Can't they talk?" So opens a new United Airlines spot in which an old lady taunts a Buckingham Palace guard -- one of three offbeat :30s, themed "United Rising." Other oblique air travel approaches feature a little boy stuck on a long '50s road trip, and a man guarding his personal space on an empty beach.

client United agency Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis cd Bill Westbrook and Dion Hughes ad Dean Hanson and Georgia Arnott cw Luke Sullivan and Joe Sweet producer

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