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Three pro bono posters, hanging in Tucson-area book shops, camping stores, outdoor clubs, college campuses and wherever else environmental enthusiasts may be found, are calling attention to the Asarco Mining Corporation's proposed copper mine on the 65 million-year-old Santa Rita mountains and national forest land.

client Save the Santa Ritas agency McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, Chicago ad Jimmy Olson cw Dave Loew Photographer David Emmite

Two new :30s for fresh-baked rising crust pizza, just breaking nationally, are the sauciest we've seen so far in the category. A standard schlemiel tries to convince his friends, family and numerous dates that the pizza they've been served is straight from his oven. His argument is not well received -- he's laughed at, smacked and doused with wine. Even his dog won't believe him.

client Mama Celeste agency William Eisner Associates, Milwaukee cd&ad Chuck Schiller cwJ.C. Cody producer Chuck Schiller director Scotty Bergstein prod company Cognito Films

The translation of this Thai ad: "Start with the forehead, slowly lather each strand of hair. Soak it with milk then slowly apply mud. Lean back and let seconds, minutes pass you by . . . take your time, you are in American Standard Bathroom."

client American Standard agency Leo Burnett/Bangkok cd Bhanu inkawat acd Kaysinee koonsap ad nopadol srikeatkajon cw siripun taechachindawong photographer pittaya nonta-paoraya

Two submissions vie for our Self-Promo-of-the-Month Award. Bohan, Carden & Cherry retells "The Emperor's New Clothes." The "children's" book, with pages as thick as coasters, tells of a vain despot who agreed the new campaign was good, even though he didn't understand it. London's Mother had us screaming "You're shittin' me!" thanks to the pair of Emergency Underpants we received. Mother's nagging directions: "1. Remove soiled garment. 2. Discard carefully (do not flush down toilet). 3. Clean affected area. 4. Apply Mother unsoiled pants. Keep in close proximity at all times. Eat your greens. Stop teasing your sister."

"Emperor" agency Bohan, Carden & Cherry, Nashville cd Lee Hester ad Jason Middleton cw Steve Hacker Illustrator Dan Brawner

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