World ad volume grows

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China was the world's fastest growing advertising market in 1995, according to the latest report on international ad expenditure from London-based Zenith Media. Ad expenditures in China rose by 53% to $3.7 billion in 1995 and Zenith predicts further increases, to $5.1 billion in 1996 and $8.4 billion in 1998. Worldwide spending on advertising was up by 8.9% last year to $270 billion, the rep[ort said.

In Europe, the U.K. retained the fastest growth rate among the principal markets - a 4.3% rise to $15.5 billion in 1995 against an expected 3.4% increase. Predictions for the three years to 1998 are for an annual 3.2% boost across all media, though print is likely to lose out to TV and radio, says Zenith. Elsewhere in Europe, "solid growth" is anticipated. France's faltering economy has reduced ad spend forecasts there, while Yeltsin's victory has pushed Russia's up towards the $1 billion mark for 1996 and to $1.66 billion in 1998.

Latin America's markets should continue to expand at above 10% each year, says Zenith, so that by 1998 they will contribute more than 8% of the world's ad expenditures.

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