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Organization totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,008.7 $827.9 21.8

Billings $7,640.0 $6,371.0 19.9

Employees 4,000 4,091 -2.2

Offices 36 36 0.0

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Hakuhodo Australia, Sydney (MJ) 14.0

Shanghai Hakuhodo Advertising, Shanghai (JV) 19.2

Hakuhodo Hong Kong, Hong Kong (MJ) 11.5

Hakuhodo Percept, New Delhi (JV) 6.1

Hakuhodo Pro's, Tokyo (MJ) 176.3

Incentive Promotions, Tokyo (MJ) 33.2

Fukushima Hakuhodo, Fukushima (MJ) 14.9

Hakuhodo Creative Vox, Tokyo (MJ) 9.5

Hakuhodo, Tokyo (MJ) 6,964.4

AD-DAM, Tokyo (MJ) 10.4

Aomori Hakuhodo, Aomori (MJ) 16.5

HANA, Osaka (MJ) 11.2

Hakuhodo In Progress, Tokyo (MJ) 5.3

Morioka Hakuhodo, Morioka (MJ) 26.2

Hakuhodo Creative & Development, Tokyo (MJ) 36.6

Hakuhodo: Lintas Co. , Tokyo (JV) 147.6

Hakuhodo i-studio, Tokyo (MJ) 1.0

Hakuhodo Erg, Fukuoka (MJ) 33.3

Hakuhodo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (MN) 5.2

Adformatix, Makati City (NE) 11.2

Hakuhodo Singapore, Singapore (MJ) 7.9

Hakuhodo Cheil, Seoul (MJ) 58.8

HY Marketing, Taipei (MJ) 34.8

Thai Hakuhodo Co., Bangkok (MN) 7.6

Hakuhodo Bangkok Co., Bangkok (MN) 11.5

European offices Billings

Hakuhodo France, Boulogne-Billancourt (MJ) 7.8

Hakuhodo Deutschland, Duesseldorf (MJ) 39.8

Group Nexus/H, Kent (JV) 20.3

Hakuhodo UK, London (MJ) 11.0

Notes: Ad organization Hakuhodo has a string of subsidiary agencies in Asia and Europe, but draws about 85% of its returns from the huge Hakuhodo Tokyo agency. The agency Hakuhodo G1 has been consolidated into Tokyo returns for the main agency, Hakuhodo. G1 is a venture set up between Hakuhodo and Omnicom Group's TBWA Worldwide to service the $1.1 billion Nissan Motor Co. account in Japan, Europe and the U.S. Equity shares taken by the two agencies vary among service shops. G1 represents a broadening of the agencies' work with Nissan from their European joint venture, TBWA/Hakuhodo Europe. That expansion is designed to build a more consistent global brand image for Nissan, which in 1999 sold 37% of its stock to Renault S.A. In 2000, Hakuhodo created Internet shop Hakuhodo i-studio, added AD-DAM, a unit involved in the production of computerized ads, and increased its equity from 60% to 100% in HY Marketing, Taiwan. In returns for Australia, the agency Hakuhodo Australia has captured 50% of Lintas Hakuhodo Australia, representing its ownership in that shop, and in China, returns for Shanghai Hakuhodo Advertising include those of Beijing Hakuhodo and Guangzhou Hakuhodo. The media reported Hakuhodo planned to go public by 2003 to increase its capital base, although the ad organization denied the report.

Officer: Koichiro Yabuki, pres

Headquarters: Hakuhodo/4-1, Shibaura 3-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8088/Phone: 81-3-5446-6161/Fax: 81-3-5446-6166/URL:

Hakuhodo Advertising America

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $2.1 $2.3 -7.7

Billings $12.1 $13.1 -8.0

Employees 16 17 -5.9

Offices 2 2 0.0

Notes: Hakuhodo Advertising America, a subsidiary of Hakuhodo in Tokyo, has a full-service office in New York and a field office in San Diego.

Officer: Koichiro Yabuki, pres

Headquarters: Hakuhodo Advertising America/475 Park Ave. South, 18th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10016/Phone: 212-684-7000/Fax: 212-684-2801

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