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Organization totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $431.4 $361.2 19.4

Billings $3,740.1 $3,249.6 15.1

Employees 3,362 3,241 3.7

Offices 51 49 4.1

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Shanghai Asatsu Advertising Co., Shanghai (MN) 11.5

Shanghai DIK Fortune Advertising, Shanghai (MN) 12.6

DIK Campaign Advertising, Hong Kong (MJ) 5.6

Asatsu Hong Kong, Hong Kong (MJ) 25.1

Beijing Quan Wei DIK Advertising Co., Beijing (JV) 3.5

Guangdong Guangxu Advertising, Guangzhou (MN) 12.9

Tiexu Advertising Co., Beijing (MN) 0.4

Beijing Huawen-Asatsu Intl Advertising, Beijing (JV) 8.4

Asta Atria Surya, Jakarta (MJ) 6.7

Asatsu-DK, Tokyo (MJ) 3,190.0

Prime Pictures, Tokyo (MJ) 26.1

Asatsu International, Tokyo (MJ) 35.8

Sun Artist Studio, Tokyo (MJ) 4.4

Makes Inc., Tokyo (MJ) 3.0

Kyowa Kikaku, Tokyo (MJ) 66.2

Motivation Marketing, Tokyo (MJ) 2.1

DIK Relationship-Marketing Co., Tokyo (MJ) 20.8

Sanyu Agency Co., Tokyo (MJ) 53.5

Tokyo Ad Party Co., Tokyo (MJ) 22.8

Dai-Ichi Kikaku Communications Co., Tokyo (MJ) 8.2

Asatsu (M), Kuala Lumpur (MJ) 2.5

Dai-Ichi Kikaku, Kuala Lumpur (MJ) 3.5

Nexus Asatsu Advertising, Singapore (MJ) 28.3

DIK-Ocean Advertising Co., Taipei (MJ) 10.2

United-Asatsu International, Taipei (MJ) 26.9

Asachin International, Taipei (MJ) 5.2

Asatsu (Thailand) Co., Bangkok (MJ) 7.8

Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co. , Bangkok (MJ) 13.9

European offices Billings

Asatsu France, Paris (MJ) 2.0

Asatsu Deutschland, Frankfurt (MJ) 13.7

Asatsu Europe, Amsterdam (MJ) 40.9

Asatsu U.K., London (MJ) 0.3

Notes: Asatsu-DK, 20% owned by WPP Group, is a full-service Asian network headquartered in Tokyo. The DK stands for Dai-Ichi Kikaku, an agency with which Asatsu merged two years ago. The WPP investment led to the establishment of WPP Japan Holdings, a marketing unit catering to multinationals. Asatsu-DK drew $21.3 million in gross income, up 40%, and billings of $105.8 million from non-agency businesses, including three Tokyo research companies, Value Management Institute, Nippon Marketing Systems and Info-Tec; two publishing units, Nihon Bungeisha and Million Shobo Co.; and a content company,Tenyu.

Officer: Tsutomu Takeda, pres-chief operating officer

Headquarters: Asatsu-DK/7-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8172/Phone: 81-3-3547-2111/Fax: 81-3-3547-2345/URL:


Consolidated network totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $406.9 $342.8 18.7

Billings $3,601.8 $3,136.5 14.8

Notes: Asatsu-DK consolidated excludes the non-agency business identified above.

Asatsu America

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $3.2 $3.2 1.0

Billings $32.6 $24.8 31.4

Employees 27 25 8.0

Offices 2 2 0.0

Notes: Asatsu America is a traditional ad agency largely representing Japanese companies in the U.S.

Officer: Shinya Miyata, pres

Headquarters: Asatsu America/970 W. 190th St, Ste 710, Torrance, Calif. 90502/Phone: 310-630-3600/Fax: 310-630-3620/URL:

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