World's top 25: 3 Interpublic Group of Cos.

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Organization totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $6,595.9 $5,644.5 16.9

Billings $54,828.2 $46,576.6 17.7

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $3,866.0 $3,205.2 20.6

Billings $29,290.0 $23,864.4 22.7

Notes: Interpublic Group of Cos. expects to expand its agency networks from three to four this summer with the acquisition of True North Communications for $2.1 billion. It spent about half that earlier this year buying Deutsch. Interpublic's three current agency networks include McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Lowe Group and Draft Worldwide. Lowe in 1999 consumed Interpublic's Ammirati Puris Lintas, then its fourth agency arm. The merger was driven by the need for economies of scale. Interpublic's totals in addition to its agency networks include its considerable PR presence (Weber Shandwick Worldwide and Golin/Harris International), Initiative Media Worldwide (formerly Western Initiative Media) and NFO Worldwide, a research company bought in December 1999. Interpublic reorganized Allied Communications Group, its marketing services unit outside the trunk networks, in May 2000 by adding its PR operations to Allied and giving Allied a full-time management team under the leadership of Larry Weber, chairman & CEO. Part of the reason for the reorganization was to integrate and cross-sell Allied's communications disciplines as a way of achieving organic growth. Allied in January 2001 consolidated its three PR operations into two global networks: Weber Shandwick and Golin/Harris. Interpublic also took an unspecified minority stake in Software Associates International, Mount Arlington, N.J. The company provides customer sales support software and database products for the pharmaceutical industry. Initiative Media North America, Los Angeles, in July 2000 bought Pic TV, Burbank, Calif., a specialist in planning and placing promotional TV spots. Octagon Worldwide, a global sports entertainment agency within IPG, in August 2000 acquired a majority stake in Consultants in Sport, Brussels, and renamed it Octagon CIS, and in October 2000 acquired Movie Media Sports in London, a marketing company it renamed Octagon Movie Media. Interpublic's brand consultancy FutureBrand in October bought Dollery Rudman Freibauer, a Toronto-based brand development agency, and combined it with FutureBrand Hypermedia, a Toronto digital branding company. Golin/Harris acquired PR firm MWW Group, East Rutherford, N.J., in October 2000. Coca-Cola Co. signed on Interpublic as a worldwide consultant on its flagship Coke brand in December 2000, an assignment likely to draw more Coke business into the Interpublic fold. Philip Geier turned over both chairman and CEO posts to John J. Dooner at the end of 2000.

Officer: John J. Dooner, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Interpublic Group of Cos./1271 Ave. the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10020/Phone: 212-399-8000/Fax: 212-399-8130/URL:

Lowe Group

Consolidated network totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,689.5 $1,584.7 6.6

Billings $12,461.8 $11,532.3 8.1

Employees 14,460 13,987 3.4

Offices 211 204 3.4

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,098.6 $993.6 10.6

Billings $7,856.3 $6,960.6 12.9

Employees 13,878 13,414 3.5

Offices 196 191 2.6

Notes: Lowe Group includes Lowe Lintas & Partners U.S., the Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide international network and a string of U.S. shops: Campbell-Ewald, Carmichael Lynch, Dailey & Associates, Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Lowe Healthcare Worldwide, Lowe Live, Martin Agency, Mullen, Suissa Miller and Zipatoni. Also, Lowe Group includes three international shops not part of the Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide network: Loducca (49% owned), Brazil; Brand Lounge (40%), Germany; and Enterprise Nexus (40% owned), India. Interpublic merged Lowe & Partners Worldwide and Ammirati Puris Lintas in November 1999 to form Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide. Lowe is developing a relationship with Daiko Advertising (Interpublic has taken 18% equity in Daiko); the two plan to share business. Lowe Lintas merged its South African properties, Lowe Lintas, Johannesburg, and Lowe Bull Calvert Pace, Cape Town, in April 2000. The deal gave the Cape agency founders 20% equity in the merged unit known now as Lowe Lintas Bull Calvert Pace. The U.K. operation in July 2000 acquired a majority stake in Broadway, a marketing communications agency in London that has been renamed Lowe Broadway. It operates autonomously. Following the merger with Ammirati Puris Lintas, the New York office was hard hit by client defections and management restructuring. Lee Garfinkel, CEO and co-chairman, left the agency in January 2001, a month after the departure of Bruce Kelley, president. Paul Hammersley became CEO of Lowe Lintas & Partners, New York. He had been Lowe's U.K. chief executive. He joined the current two-man U.S. top management team of Gary Goldsmith, chairman & chief creative officer, and newly named President Rob Quish.

Officers: Frank B. Lowe, chmn & CEO; Michael Sennott, deputy chmn; Jerry Judge, pres

Headquarters: Lowe Group/4 Eaton Gate, London, U.K. SW1W 9BJ/Phone: 44-207-225-3434/Fax: 44-207-581-5742/URL:

Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $781.6 $783.9 -0.3

Billings $5,759.3 $5,749.1 0.2

Employees 8,982 8,826 1.8

Offices 154 154 0.0

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $230.0 $223.6 2.9

Billings $1,534.0 $1,491.0 2.9

Employees 800 893 -10.4

Offices 2 3 -33.3

African offices Billings

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Accra (NE) 4.2

Scanad East Africa, Nairobi (NE) 13.1

Shems Lintas, Casablanca (NE) 12.0

Lowe Lintas Bull Calvert Pace,

Cape Town/Johannesburg (MJ) 47.9

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Harare (MJ) 5.1

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Sydney/Melbourne (MJ) 120.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Hong Kong/

Beijing/Shanghai (MJ) 29.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Mumbai/NewDelhi/

Bangalore (MN) 228.3

Enterprise Nexus, Mumbai/New Delhi/

Bangalore (MN) 33.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Jakarta (MJ) 62.1

Daiko Advertising , Tokyo (MN) 1,719.0

Lowe & Partners/Standard, Tokyo (MN) 41.4

Hakuhudo Lintas , Tokyo (NE) 65.3

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Kuala Lumpur (MJ) 22.9

Lowe Lintas, Auckland (MJ) 21.9

R-Lintas, Karachi (NE) 9.5

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Manila (MJ) 42.7

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Singapore (MJ) 12.2

LDB Lintas, Colombo (MN) 7.7

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Taipei (MJ) 21.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Bangkok/

Ho Chi Minh City (MJ) 123.2

Canadian offices Billings

Ammirati Puris, Toronto (MJ) 67.5

Roche Macaulay & Partners, Toronto (MN) 64.6

European offices Billings

Lowe Lintas GGK, Vienna (MJ) 115.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Brussels (MJ) 123.4

Lowe Lintas Swing Communications, Sofia (NE) 3.6

Lowe Lintas Digitel, Zagreb (NE) 20.8

Lowe Lintas GGK, Prague (MJ) 21.8

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Copenhagen (MJ) 39.5

Age Reklaam, Tallinn (NE) 1.4

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Helsinki (MJ) 41.6

Alice, Paris (MJ) 98.9

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Paris (MJ) 411.1

Lowe Live, Paris (MJ) 15.2

Brand Lounge, Duesseldorf (MN) 16.2

Lowe Communication Group, Frankfurt/

Hamburg/Berlin (MJ) 299.2

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Athens (MJ) 21.5

Lowe Lintas GGK, Budapest (MJ) 30.2

Lowe Lintas Pirella Goettsche & Ptnrs, Milan (MJ) 323.4

Age Reklama, Riga (NE) 1.2

Age Reklama, Vilnius (NE) 0.7

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Amsterdam (MJ) 388.9

Lowe Live, Amsterdam (MJ) 12.4

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Oslo (MJ) 4.6

Lowe Lintas GGK, Warsaw (MJ) 34.6

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Lisbon (MJ) 57.8

Lowe Lintas GGK, Bucharest (MJ) 17.4

Lowe Lintas Adventa, Moscow (NE) 62.1

Lowe Lintas GGK, Bratislava (MJ) 7.0

Lowe Lintas Avanta, Ljubljana (NE) 4.2

Lowe Lintas & Partners Espana,

Barcelona/Madrid (MJ) 155.4

Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm (MJ) 136.0

Lowe Live, Stockholm (MJ) 23.0

Lowe Lintas, Stockholm (MJ) 47.6

Lowe Lintas GGK, Zurich (MJ) 80.9

Lowe Lintas Tanitim Hizmetleri, Istanbul (MJ) 100.9

Lowe Lintas Adventa, Kiev (NE) 10.8

Lowe Lintas & Partners UK, London (MJ) 682.0

Lowe Live, London (MJ) 129.7

Lowe Lintas Idols & Friends, Belgrade (NE) 0.7

Latin American offices Billings

Agulla & Baccetti, Buenos Aires (MN) 70.0

VegaOlmosPonce, Buenos Aires (MN) 51.0

Contacto Gullco, La Paz (NE) 1.8

Loducca, Sao Paulo (MN) 77.1

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Sao Paulo (MJ) 155.0

Lowe Porta & Partners, Santiago (MJ) 54.4

Lowe & Partners/SSPM, Bogota (MN) 65.8

Publimark, San Jose (NE) 3.5

Publicitaria Inter-America, Santo Domingo (NE) 12.5

Qualitat, Guayaquil (NE) 2.7

Publicidad Comercial, San Salvador (NE) 22.8

Publicentro, Guatemala City (NE) 6.1

Publicidad Comercia, Tegucigalpa (NE) 5.2

Lowe Lintas & Partners, Mexico City (MJ) 48.6

BB&M, Panama City (NE) 16.0

Publicitara Nasta, Asuncion (NE) 4.6

Properu Publicidad, Lima (NE) 17.1

Circulo, Hato Rey (NE) 11.9

Latin American offices Billings

Christiansen & Belgrave, St. Clair (NE) 4.3

Lowe Lintas Concept, Caracas (MN) 41.0

Middle Eastern offices Billings

Look Lintas, Cairo (NE) 32.6

Weinberg Karasso & Shamir, Tel Aviv (NE) 14.7

Pimo Lintas, Beirut (NE) 4.9

Orientations Lintas, Jeddah (NE) 13.0

Lintas Brandcom, Dubai (NE) 26.8

Notes: The Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide brand includes the U.S. entity named Lowe Lintas & Partners and the international network of the same name. A number of international Lowe Group shops ended their affiliation with Lowe 2000: Gulf Advertising, Bahrain; Bryant Fulton & Shee, Canada; Almirall & Cia, Paraguay; Impetu, Uruguay; MG Studios, Zambia; Roberto Eliaschev & Asociados, Venezuela; and Mayer & Co., Slovenia. Lowe sold its interest in Lowe Alector, Greece; Neocom, Portugal; Fisch Meier Direkt, Switzerland; and Lowe & Partners, Frankfurt, Germany. The agency reached new affiliation agreements with Publicitaria Nasta, Paraguay, and Shems Lintas, Morocco.

Officer: Frank B. Lowe, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide/One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10017/Phone: 212-605-8000/Fax: 212-935-6742/URL:

Brand Lounge

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $2.4 $5.4 -55.3

Billings $16.2 $36.4 -55.5

Employees 20 36 -44.4

Offices 1 1 0.0

Officer: Mitra Esmailzadeh, chmn

Headquarters: Brand Lounge/Immermannstrasse 3, Duesseldorf, Germany 40210/Phone: 49-211-6219-0/Fax: 49-211-6219-109/URL:

Campbell-Ewald Co.

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $209.4 $185.9 12.6

Billings $1,936.3 $1,658.5 16.7

Employees 1,314 1,158 13.5

Offices 9 9 0.0

Notes: Campbell-Ewald's returns include an interactive division, Campbell-Ewald Digital, and a marketing services operation. Together these units accounted for 45% of the company's total gross income.

Officer: Anthony J. Hopp, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Campbell-Ewald Co./30400 Van Dyke Ave., Warren, Mich. 48093/Phone: 810-574-3400/Fax: 810-575-9925/URL:

Carmichael Lynch

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $34.6 $32.3 7.1

Billings $240.0 $225.0 6.7

Employees 258 246 4.9

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Carmichael Lynch is a traditional agency.

Officer: Leland Lynch, founder & CEO

Headquarters: Carmichael Lynch/800 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55403/Phone: 612-334-6000/Fax: 612-334-6090/URL:

Dailey & Associates

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $57.9 $52.1 11.1

Billings $472.3 $339.9 39.0

Employees 288 250 15.2

Offices 4 3 33.3

U.S. offices Billings

Kaleidoscope Films, Beverly Hills, Calif. 24.6

Graphic Orb, N. Hollywood, Calif. 71.4

Dailey Associates, W. Hollywood, Calif. 362.5

Sagon-Phior Group, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 13.9

Notes: Dailey is a traditional agency.

Officer: Cliff Einstein, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Dailey & Associates/8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, Calif. 90069/Phone: 310-360-3100/Fax: 310-360-0810/URL:

Enterprise Nexus

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $4.9 $2.0 150.0

Billings $33.1 $24.4 35.9

Employees 251 285 -11.9

Offices 6 6 0.0

Officer: Mohammed Khan, CEO

Headquarters: Enterprise Nexus/367, Sane Guruji Marg, Agripada, Mumbai, 400-011 India/Phone: 91-22-300-1112 /Fax: 91-22-300-1017

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $145.1 $124.0 17.0

Billings $967.0 $827.0 16.9

Employees 760 660 15.2

Offices 3 2 50.0

Notes: Hill Holliday is a traditional agency with multiple disciplines in its New York, Boston and San Francisco offices. Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos gained Goldberg Moser O'Neill from the Lowe Lintas group in April 2000. CEO of the combined shop is John M. Connors Jr. Part of the reason for the merging was Hill Holliday's interest in gaining a foothold on the West Coast. The New York office is called Hill Holliday; the San Francisco operation, GMO/Hill Holliday. In February 2001, the agency announced it would merge GMO/Hill Holliday into SF Interactive, a $12 million, 85-employee interactive shop with offices in San Francisco and Washington. SF's CEO Bruce Carlisle became executive VP. The Washington office of SF Interactive became a new Washington office for HHCC.

Officers: John M. Connors Jr., CEO

Headquarters: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos/200 Clarendon St., Boston, Mass. 02116/Phone: 617-437-1600/Fax: 617-572-3449/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $16.1 $12.1 33.0

Billings $77.1 $58.2 32.6

Employees 86 67 28.4

Offices 2 1 100.0

Notes: Loducca reports directly to Lowe Group because of accounts that pose potential conflicts with other Lowe shops in Brazil following Lowe's consolidation of Lowe and Ammirati Puris Lintas shops in 1999. Loducca is 49% owned.

Officer: Celso Loducca, CEO

Headquarters: Loducca/12995, Av. das Nacoes Unidas, 1 andar, Sao Paulo, 04578-000 Brazil 04578-000/Phone: 55-11-5504-8000/Fax: 55-11-5505-5810/URL:

Lowe Healthcare Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $148.6 $128.0 16.1

Billings $991.2 $853.8 16.1

Employees 740 683 8.3

Offices 9 6 50.0

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $137.6 $119.1 15.5

Billings $917.8 $794.4 15.5

Employees 685 638 7.4

Offices 7 4 75.0

U.S. offices Billings

Lowe Healthcare, Boston 610.0

Lowe Healthcare, New York 151.0

Lowe Healthcare, San Francisco 206.0

Notes: Lowe Healthcare's main entity is Lowe McAdams Healthcare and its multiple divisions covering advertising, promotion, direct marketing, medical strategies, digital communications and medical education.

Officer: John R. Puglisi, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Lowe Healthcare Worldwide/1740 Broadway, 20th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10019/Phone: 212-698-4082/Fax: 212-698-4104

Lowe Live

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $59.7 $54.2 10.1

Billings $439.1 $400.4 9.7

Employees 445 462 -3.7

Offices 6 5 20.0

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $38.8 $39.7 -2.3

Billings $258.8 $265.1 -2.4

Employees 275 322 -14.6

Offices 2 2 0.0

Notes: Lowe Live was created in March 2001 out of Lowe Lintas Direct, Lowe Lintas Interactive and Miller/Huber Relationship Marketing. Chairman and CEO is Floyd Miller, former president and CEO at M/H. Lowe Live, using tools such as e-mail and databases, helps marketers create relationships with their most valuable customers. The agency will be headquartered in New York, London and San Francisco and have additional offices in Amsterdam, Paris and Stockholm.

Officer: Floyd Miller, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Lowe Live/One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 8th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10017/Phone: 212-605-8008/Fax: 212-605-5810/URL:

Martin Agency

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $60.3 $61.7 -2.2

Billings $402.4 $411.5 -2.2

Employees 420 448 -6.3

Offices 10 10 0.0

Notes: Martin Agency operates multiple agencies under the same name in the U.S., including Martin Interactive and a direct marketing unit, the latter two accounting for about 15% of total gross income. Martin opened a San Francisco office in August 2000 headed by Todd Grant, creative director. Mr. Grant left Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the post.

Officers: John B. Adams, Jr., chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Martin Agency/One Shockoe Plaza, Richmond, Va. 23219-4132/Phone: 804-698-8000/Fax: 804-698-8001/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $93.0 $79.3 17.3

Billings $620.0 $528.7 17.3

Employees 503 519 -3.1

Offices 3 3 0.0

Notes: Mullen was the dominant partner in a January 2001 merger with Long Haymes Carr, Winston-Salem, N.C., also part of the Lowe Group. Though account losses were discounted as a reason for the merger, LHC lost the $37 million Winston brand account from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and BellSouth Carolina's wireless business. LHC chairman & CEO Steven Zades, who had come to the agency from Ammirati Puris Lintas, moved to Lowe Group after the merger. LHC's North Carolina office was renamed Mullen/LHC.

Officer: Joe Grimaldi, CEO

Headquarters: Mullen/36 Essex St., Wenham, Mass. 01984/Phone: 978-468-1155/Fax: 978-468-1133/URL:

Mullen/LHC/140 Charlois Blvd., Winston-Salem, N.C. 27113/Phone: 336-765-3630/Fax: 336-659-0728/URL:

Suissa Miller

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $48.6 $42.3 14.9

Billings $324.0 $282.0 14.9

Employees 134 129 3.9

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Interpublic took a substantial stake in Suissa Miller in January 2000 and linked it with Lowe Lintas.

Officer: Bruce Miller, pres

Headquarters: Suissa Miller/11601 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90025/Phone: 310-392-9666/Fax: 310-479-8581/URL:

Zipatoni Co.

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $27.3 $21.5 26.7

Billings $183.7 $137.6 33.5

Employees 259 218 18.8

Offices 2 2 0.0

U.S. offices Billings

Zipatoni Co., Chicago 25.7

Zipatoni Co., St. Louis 158.0

Notes: Lowe holds a sizable minority share in Zipatoni, a promotional marketing agency.

Officer: Jack Thorwegen, CEO

Headquarters: Zipatoni Co./555 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63101/Phone: 314-231-2400/Fax: 314-231-6622/URL:

McCann-Erickson Worldwide

Consolidated network totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $2,608.1 $2,192.6 19.0

Billings $23,019.0 $18,547.3 24.1

Employees 21,245 17,382 22.2

Offices 191 186 2.7

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,045.0 $793.9 31.6

Billings $10,361.9 $7,563.7 37.0

Employees 5,500 4,198 31.0

Offices 12 11 9.1

Notes: McCann-Erickson Worldwide is a consolidation of the worldwide network of the same name, MRM, Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide, Momentum, Gotham, Austin Kelley Advertising, Campbell Mithun, Nationwide Advertising Services, Zentropy Partners, Casanova Pendrill Publicidad and McCann's 49% equity in Promoseven, the Middle East network. McCann acquired recruitment agency Nationwide Advertising Service, Cleveland, in June 2000.

McCann-Erickson Worldwide

Agency brand totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,824.9 $1,662.7 9.8

Billings $17,468.5 $14,494.3 20.5

Employees 21,245 17,382 22.2

Offices 191 186 2.7

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $507.1 $466.9 8.6

Billings $6,561.4 $4,769.5 37.6

Employees 5,500 4,198 31.0

Offices 12 11 9.1

U.S. offices Billings

Fitzgerald & Co., Atlanta 133.6

McCann-Erickson, Detroit 376.0

McCann-Erickson, Houston/Dallas 128.0

McCann-Erickson, Los Angeles 449.0

McCann-Erickson, New York 2,537.0

Phillips Ramsey, San Diego 56.0

McCann-Erickson, San Francisco 384.0

Sedgwick Rd., Seattle 110.0

African offices Billings

McCann-Erickson, Luanda (NE) 1.4

McCann-Erickson, Gaberone (NE) 0.5

Nelson McCann, Douala (MJ) 3.3

Lion McCann, Addis Ababa (MJ) 5.4

STB, Accra (MJ) 11.8

McCann-Ivory Coast, Abidjan (MJ) 31.5

McCann-Erickson Kenya, Nairobi (MJ) 16.7

Graphic McCann, Blantyre (NE) 4.4

Publico McCann, Port Louis (MJ) 5.4

F & F McCann, Maputo (MJ) 1.7

Advantage McCann, Windhoek (MJ) 1.3

STB McCann, Lagos (MN) 11.9

Factories McCann, Sante-Clotilde (MJ) 13.0

McCann-Erickson Senegal, Dakar (MJ) 9.8

Herdbouys McCann-Erickson, Johannesburg (MJ) 114.9

ZK McCann, Dar es Salaam (MJ) 3.2

MCL McCann, Kampala (MJ) 3.7

Ad Works McCann, Lusaka (MJ) 4.0

Upton & Fulton, McCann, Harare (MJ) 6.5

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

McCann-Erickson, North Sydney (MJ) 239.0

Yurd McCann-Erickson, Baku (MJ) 3.0

Unitrend, Dhaka (NE) 5.8

McCann-Erickson Cambodia, Phnom Penh (MJ) 5.4

McCann-Erickson Hong Kong, Hong Kong (MJ) 54.3

McCann-Erickson Guangming, Beijing (MJ) 168.4

KEDI McCann-Erickson, T'bilisi (JV) 1.0

McCann-Erickson India, New Delhi (MJ) 92.3

Grafik/McCann-Erickson, Jakarta (MJ) 16.3

McCann-Erickson Japan, Tokyo (MJ) 928.0

McCann-Erickson Kazakhstan, Almaty (MJ) 2.1

Exprim McCann-Erickson, Vientiane (NE) 0.8

McCann-Erickson Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (MJ) 64.7

Sann Aung Imaging, Yangon (NE) 1.9

McCann-Erickson New Zealand, Auckland (MJ) 46.2

Orient/McCann, Karachi (MN) 11.4

McCann-Erickson Philippines, Manila (MJ) 87.2

McCann-Erickson Singapore, Singapore (MJ) 67.1

McCann-Erickson South Korea, Seoul (MJ) 95.2

Grant Advertising (McCann), Colombo (NE) 12.4

McCann-Erickson Comms. Grp., Taipei (MJ) 78.6

McCann-Erickson Thailand, Bangkok (MJ) 53.6

McCann-Erickson Uzbekistan, Tashkent (MJ) 1.5

McCann-Erickson Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (MJ) 12.2

Canadian offices Billings

MacLaren McCann Canada, Toronto (MJ) 601.0

European offices Billings

McCann-Erickson Albania, Tirana (MN) 2.7

McCann-Erickson, Vienna (MJ) 85.7

EuroStyle McCann-Erickson, Minsk (NE) 0.4

McCann-Erickson Co., Brussels (MJ) 303.7

P.B.I./McCann-Erickson Sofia, Sofia (MJ) 7.7

McCann-Erickson Croatia, Zagreb (MJ) 30.3

Gremona McCann-Erickson, Nicosla (NE) 4.3

McCann-Erickson Prague, Prague (MJ) 58.9

McCann-Erickson Denmark, Copenhagen (MJ) 178.2

Division M/E Tallinn, Tallinn (MJ) 9.7

Hasan and Partners, Helsinki (MJ) 150.7

McCann-Erickson France, Levallois-Perret (MJ) 776.9

McCann-Erickson Deutschland, Frankfurt (MJ) 750.0

McCann-Erickson Athens, Athens (MJ) 163.3

McCann-Erickson Budapest, Budapest (MJ) 69.4

McCann-Erickson Iceland Gott Folk, Reykjavik (MJ) 34.7

McCann-Erickson Ireland, Dublin (MJ) 49.8

McCann-Erickson Italiana, Milan (MJ) 534.3

Division M/E Latvia, Riga (MJ) 7.9

Asta Dizainas M/E, Vilnius (NE) 2.1

I & G Group/McCann Macedonia, Skopje (MN) 1.2

European offices Billings

A-Z Ink Communication Partners, Valletta (NE) 0.9

McCann-Erickson Nederland, Amstelveen (MJ) 267.5

JBR McCann, Oslo (MJ) 234.0

ITI McCann-Erickson Poland, Warsaw (MJ) 167.0

McCann-Erickson Portugal, Lisbon (MJ) 183.6

McCann-Erickson Romania, Bucharest (MJ) 29.6

McCann-Erickson Russia, Moscow (MJ) 57.4

McCann-Erickson Slovakia, Bratislava (MJ) 2.3

McCann-Erickson Ljubljana, Ljubljana (MJ) 2.6

McCann-Erickson Spain, Madrid (MJ) 579.3

McCann-Erickson Sweden, Stockholm (MJ) 208.8

McCann-Erickson Switzerland, Geneva (MJ) 298.9

McCann-Erickson Group, Istanbul (MJ) 319.9

Linea 12 McCann-Erickson, Kiev (MJ) 27.0

McCann-Erickson U.K., London (MJ) 1,983.7

I & F Group/McCann, Belgrade (MN) 15.6

Latin American offices Billings

McCann-Erickson Publicidad, Buenos Aires (MJ) 213.4

McCann-Erickson Barbados, Christ Church (MJ) 8.7

Nexus Comunicacion Total, La Paz (NE) 11.3

McCann-Erickson Publicidade, Sao Paulo (MJ) 875.9

McCann-Erickson de Publicidad, Santiago (MJ) 104.3

McCann-Erickson Colombia, Bogota (MJ) 132.7

McCann-Erickson Centroamericana, San Jose (MJ) 25.1

McCann-Erickson Republica Dominicana,

Santo Domingo (MJ) 21.2

McCann-Erickson Publicidad, Quito (MJ) 25.3

McCann-Erickson Centroamericana,

San Salvador (MJ) 18.0

McCann-Erickson Centroamericana,

Guatemala City (MJ) 20.0

McCann-Erickson Centroamericana,

San Pedro Sula (MJ) 11.1

McCann-Erickson Jamaica, Kingston (MJ) 12.0

McCann-Erickson Mexico, Mexico City (MJ) 285.7

Cuadra Cardenal Publicidad, Managua (MJ) 9.3

Conte/McCann-Erickson, Panama City (MJ) 16.0

Biedermann Publicidad Paraguay, Asuncion (MJ) 5.3

McCann-Erickson Publicidad Peru, Lima (MJ) 30.0

McCann-Erickson Puerto Rico, San Juan (MJ) 80.9

McCann-Erickson Trinidad, Port of Spain (MJ) 23.3

McCann-Erickson Uruguay, Montevideo (MJ) 24.0

McCann-Erickson Venezuela, Caracas (MJ) 53.2

Middle Eastern offices Billings

Kesher-Barel & Associates, Tel Aviv (MJ) 211.1

Notes: The brand McCann-Erickson Worldwide includes the McCann-named shops in eight U.S. cities, and the McCann international network. McCann removed the A&L from its name in San Francisco in August 2000, part of that agency's name since the McCann shop merged with Anderson & Lembke in that market. McCann split off its Seattle office into a wholly owned but separate unit renamed Sedgwick Rd. McCann's Phillips Ramsey shop in San Diego was relinked by Interpublic to Campbell Mithun in the Southern California market.

Officer: James Heekin, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: McCann-Erickson Worldwide/750 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017/Phone: 212-679-6000/Fax: 212-867-5177/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $6.1 $3.7 63.5

Billings $40.7 $35.5 14.4

Employees 42 34 23.5

Offices 2 2 0.0

Notes: Accentmarketing is an Hispanic agency with a concentration in business from the auto industry.

Officer: Steve Blanco, CEO

Headquarters: Accentmarketing/800 Douglas Rd., Ste. 100, Coral Gables, Fla. 33134/Phone: 305-461-1112/Fax: 305-461-0071/URL:

Austin Kelley

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $9.2 $8.9 3.4

Billings $62.6 $73.0 -14.2

Employees 82 77 6.5

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Austin Kelley is a general ad agency purchased by McCann the end of 1998.

Officer: Geoffrey R. Nixon, pres & CEO

Headquarters: Austin Kelley/5901 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30328/Phone: 770-396-6666/Fax: 770-396-0301/URL:

Campbell Mithun

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $103.2 $96.0 7.5

Billings $1,032.0 $959.6 7.5

Employees 625 610 2.5

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Campbell Mithun, a full-service agency, dropped "Esty" from its title in mid-2000. Phillips Ramsey, San Diego, and Campbell Mithun's Irvine, Calif., office merged in March 2001. Campbell Mithun will be the name for both locations, with the Irvine shop reporting to San Diego. Phillips Ramsey remained in the McCann figures in this report. CM bought international design consultancy Pedersen Gerk, Minneapolis, in March 2000. Campbell Mithun also owns Cash Plus, a media specialist company.

Officer: William D. Dunlap, chmn

Headquarters: Campbell Mithun/222 South 9th St, Minneapolis, Minn. 55402/Phone: 612-347-1413/Fax: 612-347-1430/URL:

Casanova Pendrill Publicidad

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $12.1 $8.4 43.7

Billings $80.5 $56.0 43.6

Employees 75 72 4.2

Offices 2 2 0.0

Notes: Casanova Pendrill Publicidad is an Hispanic agency purchased by Interpublic in January 2000. It works closely with Campbell Mithun. In addition to its Irvine, Calif., headquarters, Casanova Pendrill has a service office in Dallas.

Officer: Paul Casanova, pres

Headquarters: Casanova Pendrill Publicidad/3333 Michelson Dr., No. 300, Irvine, Calif. 92612/Phone: 949-474-5001/Fax: 949-474-8424


Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $64.1 $54.8 17.0

Billings $549.0 $458.0 19.9

Employees 212 215 -1.4

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Gotham is a traditional agency with a growing specialty in e-commerce. Gotham established startup shop Gotham Paris in 2000. Angotti Thomas Hedge, a McCann shop, was merged into Gotham in April 2000.

Officers: F. Stone Roberts, Larry Dunst, co-chmn & CEOs

Headquarters: Gotham/100 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10011/Phone: 212-414-7000/Fax: 212-414-7095/URL:

Momentum Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $171.2 $110.4 55.1

Billings $1,229.8 $739.5 66.3

Employees 1,948 1,044 86.6

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $96.7 $41.5 133.0

Billings $583.3 $278.0 109.8

Employees 686 325 111.1

Notes: Momentum is a sales promotion agency that grew out of the consolidation of acquired agencies including Louis London in the U.S. and Barnett Fletcher Promotions Co., London. In 2000, McCann-Erickson bought and merged into Momentum, Diamond Promotions, a small New York promotion agency, and Waylon Co., St. Louis.

Officer: Mark Dowley, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Momentum Worldwide/79 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10003/Phone: 212-367-4500/Fax: 212-367-4501/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $145.1 $122.4 18.6

Billings $1,191.7 $905.7 31.6

Employees 1,058 1,058 0.0

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $63.4 $56.0 13.1

Billings $519.0 $459.0 13.1

Employees 325 325 0.0

Notes: MRM/Gillespie is a customer relationship management company. The Gillespie tag came with the 1998 merger of MRM with Princeton, N.J.-based Gillespie. MRM absorbed Maverick Marketing Group, Los Angeles, into its West Coast operation in April 2000. MRM launched a joint venture in first quarter 2001 with Fair, Isaac & Co., San Rafael, Calif., that combines Fair, Isaac's decision-making software (used primarily in financial services) with MRM's customer relationship capabilities.

Officer: Stan Rapp, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: MRM/Gillespie/750 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017/Phone: 212-984-3939/Fax: 212-984-2629/URL:

Nationwide Advertising Services

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $61.4 $50.1 22.6

Billings $409.3 $334.0 22.5

Employees 350 365 -4.1

Offices 37 37 0.0

Notes: Nationwide is a recruitment agency bought by McCann-Erickson in June 2000. The agency has 41 offices nationwide. It remains autonomous under the McCann network.

Officer: John W. Graham, CEO

Headquarters: Nationwide Advertising Services/The Halle Bldg; 1228 Euclid Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44115/Phone: 216-579-0300/Fax: 216-687-6115/URL:

Fortune Promoseven Group

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $37.5 $34.7 8.0

Billings $299.7 $240.5 24.6

African offices Billings

Fortune Promoseven, Algiers (MN) 3.0

Fortune Promoseven-McCann Lorin,

Casablanca (MN) 11.9

Fortune Promoseven McCann, Tunis (MN) 7.0

Middle Eastern offices Billings

Promoseven-Bahrain, Manama (MN) 47.1

Promoseven WLL-Cairo, Cairo (MN) 3.7

Afkar Promoseven-Jordan, Amman (MN) 6.8

Al Siham Promoseven-Kuwait, Safat (MN) 9.0

Fortune Promoseven-Lebanon, Beirut (MN) 13.7

Muscat Advertising-Oman, Muscat (MN) 5.4

Fortune Promoseven-Qatar, Doha (MN) 3.4

Afkar Promoseven, Jeddah/Riyadh (MN) 120.6

Dynamics/Promoseven, Jeddah (MJ) 12.1

McCann-Erickson EBLA Group, Damascus (MN) 1.1

Fortune Promoseven-Dubai, Dubai (MN) 66.8

Notes: Promoseven is a network of agencies in the Middle East and North Africa that is 49% owned by McCann, except for the network's Saudi Arabian shop, Dynamics/Promoseven, which owns itself.

Officer: Akram Rachad Miknas, pres & CEO

Headquarters: Fortune Promoseven Group/609 City Ctr., Bldg. No. 203, Gov't Ave., Box 5989, Manama, Bahrain/Phone: 973-22-5148/Fax: 973-22-4375

Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare


Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $148.5 $113.4 30.9

Billings $995.6 $857.9 16.1

Employees 1,071 792 35.2

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $84.2 $60.8 38.5

Billings $564.8 $507.3 11.3

Employees 569 423 34.5

Notes: Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide is a healthcare agency. It is a composite of BioGenesis, Regan Campbell Ward, Torre Lazur and MPE Communications in the U.S. among others. Adair-Greene, an Atlanta agency specializing in healthcare advertising, was purchased by McCann-Erickson in July 2000, and operates as an autonomous unit of Torre Lazur.

Officer: Joe Torre, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide/20 Waterview Blvd., Parsippany, N.J. 07054/Phone: 973-263-9100/Fax: 973-263-4113/URL:

Zentropy Partners

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $68.3 $50.0 36.7

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $43.6 $35.0 24.7

Offices 4 4 0.0

Notes: Zentropy Partners, which offers online marketing communications, was formed in 1999 when Interpublic took a majority stake in Los Angeles-based Web shop Zentropy, and then folded most of Interpublic's interactive holdings under the Zentropy Partners umbrella. Those holdings at the time included interactive units at McCann-Erickson/A&L and McCann-Erickson's Thunder House, Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Shandwick, Digital Cafe and Paris-based MDEO. Zentropy in October 2000 was moved from a unit affiliated with McCann to a unit of McCann to work closely with McCann Relationship Marketing Worldwide. Michael Tey was named president from chief engagement officer at the time. Zentropy competes for clients outside IPG.

Officer: Michael Tey, pres

Headquarters: Zentropy Partners/320 West 13 St., New York, N.Y. 10014/Phone: 212-206-2700/URL:

Other Interpublic shops


Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $165.0 $133.1 24.0

Billings $1,515.0 $1,220.0 24.2

Employees 880 710 23.9

Offices 4 4 0.0

Notes: Deutsch, an autonomous agency in the Interpublic hierarchy, agreed to be acquired by Interpublic in November 2000 for $265 million in stock. Deutsch views the deal as promoting its expansion outside the U.S. Deutsch has offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago in addition to its New York base. Donny Deutsch, agency principal, owned roughly 87% of the agency. Deutsch draws nearly 15% of its gross income from its interactive operations.

Officer: Donny Deutsch, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Deutsch/111 Eighth Ave., 14th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10011/Phone: 212-981-7680/Fax: 212-981-7944/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $430.9 $340.3 26.6

Billings $3,658.8 $2,919.3 25.3

Employees 3,680 3,210 14.6

Offices 56 48 16.7

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $285.1 $223.4 27.6

Billings $2,196.7 $1,658.0 32.5

Employees 2,350 2,240 4.9

Offices 10 7 42.9

U.S. offices Billings

Draft, Chicago 1,100.7

Draft, New York 1,096.0

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Brett Goulston & Associates*, Sydney (MJ) 50.8

DraftWorldwide*, Guangzhou/Hong Kong (MJ) 38.1

DraftWorldwide*, Bangalore/Mumbai/

New Delhi (MJ) 16.1

DraftWorldwide*, Jakarta (MJ) 4.7

DraftWorldwide Commons*, Tokyo (MJ) 10.1

DraftWorldwide*, Kuala Lumpur (MJ) 15.4

DraftWorldwide*, Auckland (MJ) 3.0

DraftWorldwide*, Singapore (MJ) 4.5

Eastern Advertising (Draft), Taipei (MN) 30.9

Padorr & Associates* (Draft), Bangkok (MJ) 3.3

Canadian offices Billings

DraftWorldwide*, Toronto/Montreal (MJ) 217.1

European offices Billings

DraftWorldwide*, Brussels (MJ) 76.2

DraftWorldwide*, Paris (MJ) 245.9

DraftWorldwide*, Frankfurt/Hamburg/

Leipzig/Munich/Stuttgart (MJ) 200.9

DraftWorldwide*, Milan (MJ) 14.1

Borremans & Ruseler*, Amsterdam (MJ) 45.5

BrandMill*, Lisbon (MN) 6.7

TMA*, Moscow (MJ) 2.2

DraftWorldwide*, Madrid (MJ) 134.6

DraftWorldwide*, Stockholm (MJ) 12.1

Alex Schmid*, Zurich (MN) 7.3

DraftWorldwide*, London (MJ) 318.6

Latin American offices Billings

DraftWorldwide*, Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo (MJ) 21.3

DraftWorldwide Creactiva*, Santiago (MJ) 11.7

Middle Eastern offices Billings

Mediawise*, Jerusalem (MN) 2.0

Notes: Draft continued its acquisition mode, buying agency AG Worldwide, New York, in March 2000, and AG's subsidiary Surge Interactive. Draft acquired Sloan Group, New York, a creative marketing agency specializing in youth, entertainment and technology advertising. It operates autonomously under Draft's KBA Marketing division. Draft acquired Group III Promotions, Chicago, an event marketing and promotions agency. Its Chicago operations in July 2000 gained direct marketing agency, Lowe Lintas Columbian, from Lowe Lintas & Partners that included two accounts: DirecTV and Sears, Roebuck & Co. Draft in July 2000 bought a majority interest in Capita Technologies, a Chicago e-business services company with 400 employees and projected revenue of $70 million. Capita relocated to New York. Draft in September 2000 bought Fuel Advertising, Toronto, later merging it with Draft's Toronto office. In December 2000, Draft bought Clouseau SL, a Barcelona marketing services agency. In 2001, Draft acquired Santiago, Chile, promotions agency Creactiva, and renamed it DraftWorldwide Creactiva. Draft formed a joint venture in Japan called DraftWorldwide Commons K.K., with partners, the marketing services shop Commons Co., Tokyo, and Nikkei Group's Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Nikkeisha, Nikkei's core ad agency.

Officer: Howard Draft, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: DraftWorldwide/633 N. St. Clair, Chicago, Ill. 60611/Phone: 312-944-3500/Fax: 312-944-3566/URL:


Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $172.5 $50.0 245.0

Employees 2,300 1,056 117.8

Offices 34 22 54.5

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $38.0 $3.6 955.6

Employees 300 56 435.7

Offices 4 1 300.0

Notes: IconMedialab is a global Internet consultancy, operating in interactive digital communications services. IconMedialab, which moved its headquarters from Sweden to Brussels in 2000, sold in February 2001 its BrandLab unit to Interpublic's FutureBrand. BrandLab, a brand consulting unit, has offices in Berlin, London and Stockholm. In 2001 Icon is seeking to cut costs 20% which includes the elimination of 325 jobs. Interpublic owns 19.5% of Icon, largely based on its 25% ownership in Nicholson NY, an interactive agency IconMedialab acquired in December '99.

Officers: Rens Buchwaldt, acting pres & CEO

Headquarters: IconMedialab/21 rue des Chartreux, Brussels, Belgium 1000/Phone: 32-2-506-23-11/Fax: 32-2-506-23-00/URL:

Jack Morton Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $171.3 $78.7 117.5

Billings $382.9 $163.3 134.5

Employees 1,150 503 128.6

Offices 30 13 130.8

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $139.2 $73.3 89.9

Billings $284.4 $152.9 86.0

Employees 878 451 94.7

Offices 21 13 61.5

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Jack Morton Worldwide, Sydney (MJ) 15.9

Jack Morton Worldwide, Hong Kong (MJ) 11.4

European offices Billings

Jack Morton Worldwide, London (MJ) 60.8

Notes: Jack Morton Co. is an experiential marketing communications company that became the top agency in its field when it acquired in April 2000 the Communications Division of Caribiner International. The acquisition included CI's subsidiary businesses in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Asia and comprised Caribiner's meetings, events, digital media, exhibits and training programs worldwide. Jack Morton did not buy Caribiner's audiovisual services. The Jack Morton Co. is part of Allied Communications Group of Interpublic. Experiential marketing at Jack Morton includes meetings and events, training, exhibits, environmental design and interactive media. Most of the company's operations are business-to-business. In January 2001, Jack Morton purchased and absorbed Planet Interactive, a Boston developer of worldwide Web sites, CD-ROMs and kiosks. The Carabiner acquisition is treated in the returns as if it were on the books for two consecutive years. Prior-year numbers are Ad Age estimates.

Officers: William Morton, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Jack Morton Worldwide/498 Seventh Ave., New York, N.Y. 10018/Phone: 212-727-0400/Fax: 212-401-7010/URL:

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