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Organization totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $2,757.3 $2,557.9 7.8

Billings $26,345.5 $21,355.8 23.4

Employees 23,165 22,379 3.5

Offices 369 337 9.5

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,221.4 $1,093.4 11.7

Billings $12,036.1 $9,047.4 33.0

Notes: Havas Advertising, a unit of Havas, a company owned by French utilities and communications group Vivendi S.A., has four operating units: Euro RSCG Worldwide, New York; Arnold Worldwide Partners, Boston; Media Planning Group, Barcelona; and Diversified Agencies Group, Paris. Havas in September 2000 bought Snyder Communications for $2.1 billion and carved it up, funneling Bounty SCA Worldwide and into Euro RSCG Worldwide consolidated, Brann Worldwide into an autonomous network and Arnold Communications into Havas' Campus network that has since been renamed Arnold Worldwide Partners. Havas created Magnet Communications in June 2000 by merging PR agencies Creamer Dickson Basford, New York, and ACG Communications, New York, specialist in interactive communications and corporate event planning, with two newly acquired PR agencies, Kratz & Jensen, New York, and Capstone in Emeryville, Calif. SFM Media/ MPG changed its name to SFM/Media Planning in July 2000 to underscore the connection of SFM and Havas' Barcelona-based Media Planning Group, acquired in 1998. Havas in September 2000 acquired a 60% stake in financial communications specialist Hudson Sandler, London. Havas began trading American Depository Shares (HADV) on the Nasdaq exchange in late September 2000. Havas in March 2001 merged the human resources communication business of its Diversified Agencies Group with EMDS, a world leader in recruitment of early career professionals. Havas units involved include Euro RSCG Futurs and Link, the U.K. agency Riley and EMDS offices in 17 countries. Havas owns 65% of the new group. The unit, headquartered in Brussels, will be involved in HR communication, job fairs, candidate search and selection and Internet solutions for recruiting and retaining people. Havas in January 2001 reported it would boost its 45% ownership in Media Planning Group to 100% by buying out the remaining Spanish shareholders with $500 million in stock and cash. Havas sought to acquire True North Communications early in 2001, but True North agreed instead to a deal with Interpublic Group of Cos. Havas agreed to purchase McKinney & Silver from MarchFirst this spring. It will become a unit of the Arnold Worldwide Partners network.

Officer: Alain de Pouzilhac, chmn

Headquarters: Havas Advertising/84, rue de Villiers, Levallois-Perret, France 92683/Phone: 331 41 34 30 00/Fax: 331 41 34 30 81/URL:

Arnold Worldwide Partners

Consolidated network totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $337.0 $314.3 7.2

Billings $2,973.9 $2,388.3 24.5

Employees 2,273 1,577 44.1

Offices 22 18 22.2

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $210.3 $189.2 11.1

Billings $1,975.2 $1,477.1 33.7

Employees 1,356 1,463 -7.3

Offices 13 15 -13.3

Notes: Arnold Worldwide Partners replaced Campus in October 2000 as the name of Havas' second agency network. Ed Eskandarian became chairman & CEO, while retaining his title of CEO at AWP's lead agency, Arnold Worldwide, itself renamed from Arnold Communications. Arnold came with Havas' acquisition of Snyder Communications in 1999. Outside the U.S., AWP includes eight offices, six of the shops inherited from Campus and two, Vickers & Benson, Toronto, and Partners BDDH, London, acquired apart from Campus although integrated into Arnold Worldwide Partners. V&B was bought in September 2000. Further acquisitions are anticipated in the Far East and Australia. Jordan McGrath Case & Partners, New York, was shifted by Havas from the Euro RSCG network to Arnold to anchor the Arnold network in New York. Arnold this year plans to add agencies to its network in China, Japan and Mexico and broaden its base in Europe. Earlier in the year it bought Brandhouse Hale Leonardi, Melbourne and Sydney, and renamed it Brandhouse Arnold Worldwide.

Officer: Ed Eskandarian, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Arnold Worldwide Partners/101 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 02199/Phone: (617) 587-8000/Fax: (617) 587-8070/URL:

Arnold Worldwide

Agency brand totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $272.0 $252.8 7.6

Billings $2,298.9 $1,763.3 30.4

Employees 1,948 1,257 55.0

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $145.3 $127.7 13.7

Billings $1,300.2 $852.1 52.6

Employees 1,031 1,143 -9.8

Offices 12 14 -14.3

U.S. offices Billings

Arnold Worldwide, Boston 1,031.9

Arnold Ingalls Moranville, San Francisco 90.4

Arnold Worldwide, Washington 178.0

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Brandhouse AWP, Melbourne (MJ) 30.2

Canadian offices Billings

Vickers & Benson, Toronto/Montreal (MJ) 132.4

European offices Billings

Devarrieux Villaret, Levallois-Perret (MJ) 161.6

Rempen Group, Duesseldorf/Munich (MJ) 117.8

ATA De Martini & C., Milan (MJ) 28.4

La Banda de Agustin Medina, Madrid (MJ) 26.1

WCRS, London (MJ) 381.5

Partners BDDH/Arnold, London (MJ) 122.2

Archibald Ingall Stretton, London (MJ) 40.5

Latin American offices Billings

Age, Sao Paulo (MJ) 28.9

Notes: The Arnold Worldwide brand includes the Arnold agencies in Boston and Washington and Arnold Ingalls Moranville in San Francisco. Wickersham Hunt Schwantner, a direct marketing agency, has been absorbed into Arnold. Arnold Direct was folded into Arnold Integrated Solutions, a division within Arnold Worldwide.

Officer: Ed Eskandarian, CEO

Headquarters: Arnold Worldwide/101 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 02199/Phone: 617-587-8000/Fax: 617-587-8070/URL:

Jordan McGrath Case & Partners

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $65.0 $61.5 5.7

Billings $675.0 $625.0 8.0

Employees 325 320 1.6

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Jordan McGrath Case & Partners, a traditional agency founded 31 years ago, was shifted by Havas from Euro RSCG Worldwide to Arnold Worldwide Partners to anchor that network in New York.

Officer: Patrick J. McGrath, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Jordan McGrath Case & Partners/110 Fifth Ave, New York, N.Y. 10011/Phone: 212-463-1000/Fax: 212-463-1111/URL:

Euro RSCG Worldwide

Consolidated network totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,774.0 $1,651.7 7.4

Billings $12,978.1 $11,756.4 10.4

Employees 13,423 12,338 8.8

Offices 247 223 10.8

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $742.8 $677.5 9.6

Billings $5,656.7 $5,198.1 8.8

Employees 3,836 3,679 4.3

Offices 51 50 2.0

Notes: Euro RSCG Worldwide includes the Euro RSCG brand agencies: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, New York; Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago; Euro RSCG DSW, Salt Lake City; aka Euro RSCG, San Francisco; Black Rocket Euro RSCG, a San Francisco agency; and Euro RSCG Interaction, an interactive agency based in New York. At the consolidated level, Euro RSCG Worldwide includes specialty agencies: Robert A. Becker Euro RSCG, Lally, McFarland & Pantello and Lena Chow Euro RSCG, all healthcare; Tyee Group and Devon Direct Euro RSCG, both direct marketing; Bounty SCA Worldwide, a sales promotion agency gained through the Havas acquisition of Snyder Communications; and Meridian Euro RSCG, an interactive and PR agency. Euro RSCG in June 2000 acquired Middleberg & Associates, a New York PR firm specializing in Internet clients. The firm was renamed Middleberg Euro RSCG, and operates autonomously.

Euro RSCG Worldwide

Agency brand totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $1,430.1 $1,352.6 5.7

Billings $10,646.1 $9,711.5 9.6

Employees 11,404 10,435 9.3

Offices 216 192 12.5

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $399.0 $378.4 5.4

Billings $3,324.7 $3,153.2 5.4

Employees 2,567 2,554 0.5

Offices 30 30 0.0

U.S. offices Billings

Circle Euro RSCG, Baltimore 448.9

Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago 551.8

Euro RSCG Corp. Worldwide, New York 468.7

Messner Vetere Berger McNamee

Schmetter/Euro RSCG, New York 1,392.0

Euro RSCG DSW Partners, Salt Lake City 307.7

Black Rocket Euro RSCG, San Francisco 105.5

aka Euro RSCG, San Francisco 50.1

Asian & Pacific offices Billings

Euro RSCG Australia, Melbourne/Sydney (MJ) 113.6

Euro RSCG China, Hong Kong/Shanghai (MJ) 162.6

Euro RSCG India, Mumbai (MJ) 31.6

Euro RSCG Indonesia, Jakarta (MJ) 8.1

Euro RSCG Japan, Tokyo (MJ) 14.5

Euro RSCG Malaysia, Petaling Jaya (MJ) 13.7

Euro RSCG Philippines, Pasig City (MJ) 3.4

Euro RSCG Singapore, Singapore (MJ) 59.2

Euro RSCG South Korea, Seoul (MJ) 29.8

Euro RSCG Taiwan, Taipei (MJ) 51.6

Euro RSCG Thailand, Bangkok (MJ) 19.6

Canadian offices Billings

Cohn & Wells Partners Euro RSCG, Toronto (MJ) 24.6

Remtulla Euro RSCG, Toronto (MJ) 35.6

Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG, Toronto (MJ) 33.1

European offices Billings

Euro RSCG Austria, Vienna (MJ) 49.6

Euro RSCG Belgium, Brussels (MJ) 171.5

Euro RSCG Czech Republic, Prague (MJ) 34.1

Euro RSCG Denmark, Copenhagen (MJ) 32.3

Euro RSCG Finland, Helsinki (MJ) 64.8

Euro RSCG Group France, Levallois-Perret (MJ) 2,421.5

Euro RSCG Germany, Duesseldorf (MJ) 179.3

Euro RSCG Greece, Athens (MJ) 11.7

Euro RSCG Hungary, Budapest (MJ) 5.3

Euro RSCG Ireland, Dublin (MJ) 35.7

Euro RSCG Italy, Milan (MJ) 214.5

Euro RSCG Netherlands, Amstelveen (MJ) 211.6

Euro RSCG Norway, Oslo (MJ) 6.9

Euro RSCG Poland, Warsaw (MJ) 46.9

Euro RSCG Portugal, Lisbon (MJ) 82.2

Bounty SCA Worldwide, Moscow (MJ) 3.6

Euro RSCG Spain, Madrid (MJ) 308.7

Euro RSCG Sweden, Stockholm (MJ) 43.8

Euro RSCG Switzerland, Zurich (MJ) 85.8

Euro RSCG Turkey, Istanbul (MJ) 16.3

Euro RSCG UK, London (MJ) 1,924.0

Latin American offices Billings

Euro RSCG Argentina, Buenos Aires (MJ) 301.1

Euro RSCG Brazil, Sao Paulo (MN) 280.2

Euro RSCG Chile, Santiago (MJ) 53.6

Euro RSCG Colombia, Bogota (MJ) 17.8

Euro RSCG Mexico, Mexico City (MJ) 130.7

Euro RSCG Peru, Lima (MJ) 13.3

Euro RSCG Uruguay, Montevideo (MJ) 73.5

Euro RSCG Venezuela, Caracas (MJ) 10.0

Middle Eastern offices Billings

Euro RSCG Israel, Tel Aviv (MJ) 39.8

Euro RSCG Lebanon, Beirut (MJ) 2.2

Euro RSCG Dubai, Dubai (MJ) 15.3

Notes: The agency brand Euro RSCG Worldwide includes the Euro RSCG-named shops in the international network and U.S. agencies: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, New York; Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago; Euro RSCG DSW, Salt Lake City; aka Euro RSCG; Black Rocket Euro RSCG, San Francisco; and Circle Euro RSCG Baltimore. The network's Euro RSCG Tatham office in Chicago acquired longtime Chicago agency McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown. Euro RSCG bought a majority interest in Black Rocket, a San Francisco interactive shop that it renamed Black Rocket Euro RSCG. MVBMS in July 2000 was named lead agency for Volvo Car Corp., Goteborg, Sweden, and opened MVBMS/FUEL Europe to service the account. Outside the U.S., Euro RSCG in 2000 gained HPP in Portugal, Lorente group of companies in Spain, Halsobyran in Sweden, Maitlands in the U.K., Remtulla in Canada, Integrated Options in Australia, Bain Communications, Alliance Direct and Web Money in India, Epic OmniLink in Malaysia and CCC Thailand in Thailand.

Officer: Robert Schmetterer, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Euro RSCG Worldwide/350 Hudson St., New York, N.Y. 10014/Phone: 212-886-2000/Fax: 212-886-2001/URL:

Robert A. Becker Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $44.4 $39.8 11.7

Billings $299.8 $266.8 12.4

Employees 240 225 6.7

Offices 4 2 100.0

U.S. offices Billings

Genecom, New York 43.4

Robert A. Becker, New York 254.8

Cytocom, West Windson, N.J. 1.6

Notes: Becker is a medical shop. Its brand includes Robert A. Becker, New York; Genecom, a medical education unit in New York; Cytocom, a West Windsor, N.J. medical education company acquired in 2000; and 2001 startup Robert A. Becker West, Chicago, which has no returns in this report although it gained several accounts in 2001.

Officer: Sander A. Flaum, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Robert A. Becker Euro RSCG/1633 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019/Phone: 212-399-2002/Fax: 212-399-9074/URL:

Bounty SCA Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $218.9 $182.3 20.0

Billings $1,459.7 $1,216.2 20.0

Employees 1,300 1,170 11.1

Offices 21 22 -4.5

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $190.1 $152.5 24.6

Billings $1,267.8 $1,017.2 24.6

Employees 550 420 31.0

Offices 11 12 -8.3

Notes: Bounty SCA is the conflation of former Sampling Corporation of America, Glenview, Ill., Bounty Group Holdings, a U.K.-based sampling company targeting new mothers, and Media Syndication Global, an alternative media promotion company acquired in April 1999 that keeps a customer database of more than 2 million names for cooperative mail program management. Bounty's units in Belgium, Ireland, Spain and the U.K. were consolidated into Euro RSCG network totals in those countries.

Officer: Steven M. Kaplan, CEO

Headquarters: Bounty SCA Worldwide/550 W. Washington, Ste. 1000, Chicago, Ill. 60661/Phone: 312-799-7000/Fax: 312-799-7100/URL:

Circle Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $67.3 $51.1 31.7

Billings $448.9 $307.5 46.0

Notes: Circle Euro RSCG, an interactive agency, came into the Euro RSCG Worldwide network via Havas Advertising's purchase of Snyder Communications, which had spun off the unit in late October 1999 to create a tracking stock. Havas in February 2001 said it would issue up to $28 million in new shares (ADSs) to acquire 100% of the tracking stock and then merge Circle into its interactive businesses called Euro RSCG Interaction. This February, Circle restructured its San Francisco office, its specialist in e-marketing services and solutions, eliminating 29 positions.

Officer: Charlie Tarzian, CEO

Headquarters: Circle Euro RSCG/111 S. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 21202/Phone: 410-454-6200/Fax: 410-752-6689/URL:

Devon Direct Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $41.4 $48.8 -15.2

Billings $272.3 $320.7 -15.1

Employees 117 158 -25.9

Offices 1 2 -50.0

Notes: Devon Direct is a direct marketing agency purchased in October 1999. The agency draws 28% of its revenues from Devon Digital, its interactive shop.

Officer: Ronald D. Greene, pres & CEO

Headquarters: Devon Direct Euro RSCG/200 Berwyn Park, Berwyn, Pa. 19312/Phone: 610-644-0333/Fax: 610-651-2599/URL:

Lally McFarland & Pantello Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $40.2 $33.1 21.4

Billings $317.7 $265.7 19.5

Employees 230 192 19.8

Offices 2 1 100.0

Notes: Lally McFarland & Pantello Euro RSCG is a medical agency. Just over half its U.S. revenues come from interactive unit Nethod.

Officer: Ronald G. Pantello, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Lally McFarland & Pantello Euro RSCG/200 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016/Phone: 212-532-1000/Fax: 212-689-1062/URL:

Lena Chow Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $3.1 $2.7 16.0

Billings $22.0 $19.6 12.6

Employees 20 20 0.0

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Lena Chow is a healthcare shop purchased by Havas in February 2000.

Officers: Lena Chow, pres

Headquarters: Lena Chow Euro RSCG/248 Homer Ave., Palo Alto, Calif. 94301/Phone: 650-324-3580/Fax: 650-324-4725/URL:

Meridian Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $13.1 $13.7 -4.4

Billings $87.1 $91.2 -4.4

Employees 41 39 5.1

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Euro RSCG in 2000 acquired Meridian Consulting Group in Westport, Conn., a strategic marketing and sales consulting agency, and changed its name to Meridian Euro RSCG.

Officer: Jeffrey Hill, mg ptnr

Headquarters: Meridian Euro RSCG/274 Riverside Ave., Westport, Conn. 06880/Phone: 203-221-8033/Fax:203-291-6994

Middleberg 121

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $2.0 $0.0 NA

Notes: Middleberg 121 is a startup interactive agency that is part of Middleberg Euro RSCG, a public relations agency and member of the Euro RSCG network of Havas Advertising. Interactive and PR together generated gross income of $20.7 million in 2000, up 65%.

Officer: Don Middleberg, chmn & CEO

Headquarters: Middleberg 121/102 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016/Phone: 212-699-2500/Fax: 212-699-2699/URL:

Tyee Euro RSCG

Agency totals ($ in millions)

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $9.6 $8.6 11.9

Billings $65.5 $63.7 2.8

Employees 71 71 0.0

Offices 1 1 0.0

Notes: Tyee Group, purchased in February 2000, is a direct marketing agency specializing in infomercial production.

Officer: Spencer J. Brown, pres & CEO

Headquarters: Tyee Euro RSCG/513 NW 13th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97209/Phone: 503-228-5555/Fax: 503-228-0560/URL:

Other Havas shop

Brann Worldwide

Agency totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $254.8 $223.2 14.1

Billings $1,699.4 $1,489.0 14.1

Employees NA 5,010 NA

U.S. 2000 1999 % chg

Gross income $130.6 $118.1 10.6

Billings $871.0 $787.6 10.6

Employees NA 2,400 NA

European offices Billings

Brann UK, Cirencester (MJ) 828.4

Notes: Brann Worldwide came with Havas' purchase of Snyder Communications. It includes a wide range of direct response operations formerly known as Blau Marketing Technologies, Response Marketing Group, National Retail Services and Snyder Direct Services. Brann Holdings in the U.K. is its chief non-U.S. operation.

Officer: Dennis Eastham, pres & CEO

Headquarters: Brann Worldwide/Phoenix Way, Cirencester, U.K. GL7 1RY/Phone: 44128-564-4744 /Fax: 44128-564-5952/URL:

Brann North America/520 Lake Cook Rd., Ste. 520/Deerfield, Ill. 60015/Phone: 847-267-9900/Fax: 847-267-2101/URL:

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