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Shipping unwieldy proofs to a client or praying an attached e-mail art file can be opened may soon be a thing of the past. MediaWay, a software company based in Milpitas, Calif., has come up with a virtual filing cabinet that is designed to help agencies manage ad campaigns and eliminate delivery hassles. Released last month, a software package called Foundation 2.5 allows agencies to post multigigabytes' worth of work as compressed files on Web pages for a client's viewing, editing and approval.

"The best thing about it for an agency is that it cuts down on all of their messengering and overnighting," says Stephen Bertges, VP-marketing at MediaWay. "I think it also helps in client retention," he adds, hinting that the better an agency can archive and manage a client's campaigns, the more likely it will hold onto the business. With its global Web access, MediaWay says it's unlike other file management systems, such as Bulldog and IBM's Digital Library. And instead of relying on a proprietary intranet or a dedicated high speed-modem, like some of its rivals, MediaWay has come up with a technique to compress rich-media audio, video or print files. These files can be posted via a standard Web browser and easily searched and accessed online. Foundation 2.5 runs on a Windows NT machine, and client software, which controls the system's preferences, runs on both Macintosh or Windows operating systems. "We don't ask the agency or creative department to change the way they do business," Bertges says. While MediaWay targeted corporate marketing departments with previous file management software releases, such as Nortel, Random House and Autodesk, Bertges says it's drumming up more interest on Madison Avenue with this release. The software costs $110,000 for an unlimited license, which can be used for a company's offices and clients worldwide. Check www.mediaway.com for a test

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