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Generation Xers are diverse individuals, but they accept parts of today's pop culture as being "in" or "out." Here's a sample of what's hot and cold among Generation Xers.


(hot)"Clerks." Not all Xers work at convenience stores, like the protagonist in this irreverent, low-budget film. But the depiction of a smart yet confused guy at a brainless job strikes an empathetic chord.

(hot)"Pulp Fiction." Riveting, riotous and cool enough to turn the very ethic of cool on its head. This ambitious project is the alter ego of...

(cold)"Natural Born Killers." Clumsy, childish epiphanies from a talentless Hollywood Buddha. We've seen the future of film, and brother, it is murder.

Soft drinks

(hot) Snapple. Irreverent Xers enjoy smaller companies' original products making wholesome marketing overtures. This theme holds true here despite Quaker's acquisition of this company.

(cold) Fruitopia. Sullen Xers despise behemoth corporations' copycat products using syrupy marketing condescension.

Alcoholic beverages

(hot) Mr. Jenkins. Tanqueray's snooty new gin aficionado is a sleeper hit, shaking his martinis in magazines throughout the Xer oeuvre.

(hot) Microbreweries. Despite big brewers' omnipresent, shrill ads, the modest soft-sell moves beer briskly at younger, hipper watering holes.

(cold) Anheuser-Busch. Bud Dry calls itself the "alternative beer," and new Bud spots shriek, We were a microbrewery too! Embarrassing and pathetic, like clueless parents trying to crash the kids' kegger. P.S.: Xers are still steamed at the pool-hall spot ("Ginger or Mary Ann?") from November '93.

(cold) Zima. You can lead Xers to a new "clear-malt beverage," but you can't make them drink zomething that zucks.


(hot) Wired. Of all those cheeky, literate fin-de-mill‚naire bibles from the Bay-Might, Spec, The Nose-this one rocks the financial house. (Apparently it's for grown-ups, too.)

(cold) Swing. Sex surveys, poetry slams, "Santa Unplugged." Yawn. Does any Xer with a brain really need this? We've seen the future, and brother, it is stupid.

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