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23,388. It boggles the mind, but that's how many times the words "O.J. Simpson" appeared in magazines and major newspapers between June 13, 1994, and May 29, a Nexis search shows.

Not that O.J. was any slouch before his estranged wife and her friend were slain. The pro football Hall of Famer racked up 3,452 pre-June 13 Nexis mentions, the earliest in the Jan. 13, 1975, Newsweek when he joined other alumni in the University of Southern California locker room after USC's Rose Bowl win over Ohio State.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had the next most Nexis mentions, 9,705 and 6,000 respectively.

In the slightly macabre rankings, prosecutor Marcia Clark outdid defense attorney Robert Shapiro, 3,860 mentions to 3,432, probably due to coverage of her changing hairstyle and child custody battle. But the trial judge, Lance Ito, got more coverage than either of them, with 5,279 mentions.

The phrase "bloody glove" garnered 1,902 mentions, just ahead of the U.S.' favorite houseguest, Kato Kaelin, with 1,775.

Defense attorney F. Lee Bailey earned 1,544 mentions, and Al Cowlings, O.J.'s driver on the slow-speed chase in southern California, had 1,076. The vehicle he was driving-a white Bronco-got 670 mentions.

Rosa Lopez, the neighbors' maid who turned court upside down with her threats to leave the country without testifying, got 718 mentions, followed by 675 for Denise Brown and 619 for author Faye Resnick

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