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Alex Bogusky, Crispin & Porter, Miami

Last year: Less asbestos in the office.

This year: The Ronco account.

Bill Borders, Borders Perrin and Norrander/Portland

Last year: A vasectomy.

This year: A root canal (I don't like to be disappointed).

Jim Copacino, McCann-Erickson/Seattle

Last year: A really good campaign idea for our bank client.

This year: World peace, and a really good campaign idea for our bank client.

Court Crandall, Ground Zero, Los Angeles

Last year: A baby.

This year: Sleep.

Greg DiNoto, Deutsch, New York

Last year: Cyanide pills.

This year: Bartlett's guide to witty rejoinders for trade journalists.

Mark Fenske, NW Ayer/New York

Last year: The ability to snap out wittier answers to questions like this than "more pudding."

This year: More pudding.

Steve Grasse, Gyro, Philadelphia

Last year: My first starring role in a porn film.

This year: A really big budget TV spot that we hire Joe Pytka to direct, then crap all over his ideas and change everything just to piss him off. Oh yeah, that and my first starring role in a porn film.

Cabell Harris, WORK, Richmond

Last year: To be in my office space by Christmas.

This year: An end to chain letters.

Lee Kovel, Kovel Kresser & Partners, Los Angeles:

Last year: That the coolest building in Los Angeles would accept Lord Dentsu & Partners' lease.

This year: That the war in Bosnia would finally end, and the Browns would stay in Cleveland.

Dave Lubars, BBDO West/Los Angeles

Last year: Starbucks

This year: Starbucks

Andrew Payton, Tausche Martin Lonsdorf, Atlanta

Last year: Finger paints. Uma. And a big hug from mommy.

This year: A neat old pen. Something shiny. And a big hug from mommy.

Scott Rockwood, Williams & Rockwood, Salt Lake City

Last year: An art director who still likes Futura extra bold condensed.

This year: An art director who isn't on Emigre's mailing list.

Mike Shine, Butler Shine & Stern, San Francisco

Last year: New neighbors.

This year: A gun.

Andy Spade, TBWA Chiat/Day/New York

Last year: A cement mixer, a dirty pail and some scented candles shaped like things.

This year: How can you ask a question like that when there's still a war going on in Bosnia? A Corvette.

Tracy Wong, Wong/Doody, Seattle

Last year: $30 million in billings and a hot tub.

This year: $20 million and a hairpiece for my partner.

Iain Woolward, Woolward & Partners, San Francisco

Last year: The return of Pee Wee Herman to the cultural fold.

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