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page 3 Simplify Your Life, $10.95, Elaine St. James, Hyperion Books, 1994

page 4 Adcult USA, the triumph of advertising in american culture, $25, by James Twitchell, Columbia University Press, 1996

page 10 Die Gestalten Verlag/Localizer 1.2: Surreality, appr. $45: Beeksbee Books; Mary Bisbee-Beek (612) 690-0907

page 16 Frederic Planchon: PREMIERE HEURE, PARIS, +33 1 411-230-00; or creative Management Partners, Paul Muniz, 212-655-6500

page 16 Rock & Wood, 415-331-5696

page 16 Play With Your Food, $19.95, Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1997.

page 17 Joanne UNgar, Post Perfect, 212-972-3400,

E-mail: [email protected]

Flip Johnson: Olive Jar Studios, Boston;


page 21 Bill Barker:

page 22 Sporting Goods Intelligence,

page 30 SPiced Right Bar-B-Que: 5364 Hwy 29, Lilburn, Ga., 30247, (770) 564-0355

page 34 Great Outdoor, $25, BY STEVE GROUNDS AND ROB MORRIS, PUBLISHED BY THE Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 202-833-5566

Grounds Morris Campbell Ltd. +44 171 436 9244

page 46 Hank Perlman, Hungry Man, 212-420-9308Dear Diary: We saw a preview for Sphere, that new movie where Dustin Hoffman finds a giant matzoh ball on the bottom of the ocean. Then we saw this weird ad for Smokehouse almonds, where the product seems to have a bigger role in the movie than Sharon Stone. Can almonds cross their legs? Anyway, our friend Howie went to a screening and he says a package of almonds is seen for a second in the skeevy hand of this, like, dead astronaut mummy. One of the actors might've said something about the almonds, but he can't remember. There's nothing like a good movie placement to keep your product top-of-skull, you know?

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