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Craig Yoe of Yoe! Studio in Peekskill, N.Y., likes to position his design firm, which specializes in the frequently wacky world of kid's marketing, as a wild and crazy place. Well, he may be one guy who lives up to his own hype, no w that he has a new employee incentive program in which you can get a free tattoo in lieu of a cash bonus. "Employee of the Month is for wussies," scoffs Yoe. "It takes guts and a three-day drunken binge to brave our Good Job: T attoo You Bonus Program." The first taker was graphic designer John Turnbull, 24, seen here with Yoe, who got this self-designed chest job in September. At press time, another Yoe! employee was set to go under the needle. Yoe won' t say if this is cheaper than handing out cash, but "some employees seem destined for a full-body
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