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Hollywood studios increasingly are putting their faith in young talent-as a marketing guarantee to get the powerful and important teen audience. But this isn't a lock on success, as some young-adult actors can show marketing weakness.

To get a clear marketing picture, the Hollywood Stock Exchange barometer has tracked four key young performers-Claire Danes, Heather Graham, Edward Furlong and Katie Holmes-as well as their four respective upcoming movies.

Ms. Danes, for instance, has maintained a consistent price level longer than every other StarBond performer on HSX, the Web-site entertainment game (, staying near the H$2,000 mark. To her credit, her movie "Brokedown Palace," which opens Aug. 13, has seen its stock future price climb steadily, from H$8 in May to around H$17 currently.

Few big-name stars headline New Line Cinema's "Detroit Rock City," opening Aug. 13; Edward Furlong is the lone name performer. After the price of "Detroit Rock City" sank briefly in May, the movie has seen growth, to its all-time high of almost $19.

Mr. Furlong's stock price has been a model of consistency since trading began on the exchange, at around H$1,050 to H$1,100. That could be because his market capitalization is only at H$27 million as opposed to other stars listed here in this group, who are in the H$400 million to H$800 million range.

Up-and-comer Katie Holmes' price has been climbing steadily over the last few months, reaching past the $2,500 mark, though her StarBond declined periodically in the past few months due to under-performing films she appeared in, "Go" and "Muppets From Space."

For more bad news: In the last few weeks, Ms. Holmes' numbers headed strongly south, getting as low as H$1,826. Her next movie, opening Aug. 13, is Miramax Films' "Teaching Mrs. Tingle," and it had some problems as well. In May, it dipped to H$20 from nearly H$34; recently, its price soared back up to the H$34 level.

"Bowfinger" is an upcoming film featuring Heather Graham, who is also in the current hit "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." Around the time of the movie, her StarBond soared to H$1,978. But it fell back down to earth, now residing in the $1,250 to $1,310 level. The price of "Bowfinger" has been on a roller coaster, doubling in June to more than $63 and then sinking to under H$47. As of July 27, it had risen to H$57.08. The headline stars are Steve

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