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Six years ago, Russ Feingold's tongue-in-cheek ads helped propel him to an upset victory in the Wisconsin Democratic primary and, eventually, the general election for a U.S. Senate seat.

So this year, when Republican conservative Mark Neumann decided to take on Sen. Feingold, he also decided to offset the senator's humor with a little humor of his own.

The result is some of the oddest political ads this election year.

At various times, one or the other candidate has pictured cows, monkeys, a senator wearing armor and a senator waiting to use a bathroom. Yet, the campaign is still negative.

Mr. Neumann's ads from William Eisner Associates, Milwaukee, used the cows and monkeys to criticize Sen. Feingold's support of studies of cow flatulence and the Russian space program.

Sen. Feingold, who has refused to accept money from political action committees -- and is spending far less than his opponent, according to reports -- again is using his own brand of humor in ads from Eichenbaum/Hemke & Associates. One of his spots depicts him struggling to walk up a big hill, ending with the senator stating that he wants to take the "high road."

Another pictures a blurred image, and suggests the Neumann campaign has been blurring the truth.

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