Yves Saint Laurent replaces Champagne perfume brand name

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PARIS -- Yves Saint Laurent is changing the name of its Champagne fragrance for a third time, this time calling it Yvresse. The noun "ivresse" means intoxication or ecstasy of pleasure. Yves Saint Laurent is substituting the "Y" for a "I" to enable consumers to recognize the Yves Saint Laurent connection more readily.

Yves Saint Laurent is already forbidden by European courts from selling the fragrance as Champagne in France and other European countries including Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. In those countries the fragrance is packaged in the same flacon that is shaped like a champagne bottle's cork, but the perfume is branded YSL.

The Yvresse name change will happen first in France, Belgium and Luxembourg in October. In other markets, except for the U.S. and Asia, where the French champagne producers who took legal action against Yves Saint Laurent are less influential, the switch will be made by the end of the year. In the U.S. and Asia the change will be made before 1999, as promised last year by Yves Saint Laurent. The champagne producers won their opening battle to protect the champagne name at the Paris Appeals Court in December 1993, when Yves Saint Laurent was banned from using the name in France from January 1994.

Yves Saint Laurent is owned by Groupe Elf Aquitaine's Sanofi.

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