Alice Rawsthorn's articles are not what they used to be

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In a NY Times Article, Dearth of a Nation, published in March 2008, Alice Rawsthorn picked out American furniture design as a bad apple and went on to lament and dissect why she thought design culture was lagging in America. The article picked up some buzz in the furniture design community and resulted in a roundtable and a panel discussion led by I.D. Magazine in May last year.

When I read Ms. Rawsthorn's article last year, I didn't agree with everything she said, but I found that she raised some interesting points. Then a full year and a half later, her article on British design came across my desk, titled British Design: Not What it used to be. When it did, I thought, is this for real? Is she going to take down every nation? Year by Year?

I didn't read the article until just now – I didn't really have any desire to, but I figure if I'm going to call it out in one of my blog posts, at least I should do as much. As predicted, the article is fodder for conversation, but I don't see why she generalizes the topic to the degree that she does. The title is catchy, but the content is yawn. I won't be surprised when she starts lamenting how German Design is becoming too whimsical and Japanese Design isn't as functional as it use to be.

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