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This past Wednesday, Sept. 23, I attended the Pet Shop Boys concert at The Warfield in San Francisco. The show featured an amazing audiovisual set that transformed freely with each song, exuberant costume changes, exciting dance choreography, and just the right amount of neon and strobe lights to fuse the energy of the electro techno signature beats.

The whole experience was drastically different than what I had experienced less than a week ago when I saw the band Phoenix play at the very same locale on Thursday, September 17. Stage props for this show consisted of a large backdrop with the band's name and tour graphic, LED lights that lined the perimeter of the stage, and the standard overhead brights and strobe lights. No costume changes, no video projections, no backup dancers or set changes.

Besides stage logistics, the difference in ticket price was double and the age range was double as well. I had felt slightly old at one, and remarkably young at the other. But despite the differences, the energy level was parallel, the intensity of the fans equal. I though both experiences were on par with each other.

At both concerts I was without a camera, but now I've realized that my experiences have been documented extensively by the interwebs. Here's a quick poke around:

• Warfield's Twitter feed
• Pet Shop Boys photos on Facebook
• The Phoenix recap on SF Weekly
• The Pet Shop Boys recap on SF Weekly
• Flickr hits for Phoenix
• Flickr hits for Pet Shop Boys
and video? Well of course...

Phoenix at the Warfield Sept. 17, 2009

Pet Shop Boys at the Warfield Sept. 22, 2009

Granted the video for the Pet Shop Boys is from the day before I went (they played two shows), it's essentially the same, and shot from a better angle than the one I was standing in. So what about remembering things in your heart? There's nothing like being at a concert live, and all the recaps in the world won't ever change that – but now you know there's no need to fret if you've forgotten your camera, everyone else will be recording, so leave it to the cloud, and have a good time.

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