LAX Airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal gets a billion dollar face lift, but will it be worth it?

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LAX Architectural Design Vision 2010

A new sign, some giant LED glowsticks, new tiles, a cleaning or two, makes no difference – it's still the same ol' horseracing-track-logistical-nightmare, with the meanest traffic controllers in the nation to boot. Supposedly, the new round of renovations will go down in Los Angeles history as the most expensive public works project to date. Reports state that the renovations are slated to cost 1.55 Billion, but even with all that budget, design can be shortchanged in the process. Though the renovations are supposedly still under way, I'm not holding my breath for an improved traveler's experience.

Here's my Billion Dollar Question:

Why isn't there a single bathroom in the newly renovated TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) Baggage Claim area?

Sure, brushed metal, energy-efficient lighting, and blue LED signage reminiscent of those new CHASE ATMs are all very nice. But after I've gone through Passport Control and have officially entered the country, there's no place for me to cop a squat while I wait for my bags? No wonder LAX is one of the worst ranked major international airports in the US. WELCOME TO AMERICA, watch this nice video of how great a nation we are, and hold your bladder, Thanks.

Renovated FIS/USCBP area for arriving international passengers at LAX – Make sure you hit the loo before you go through Passport Control!

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