Mexican Imports: Thoughts from Oaxaca

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The joy I have from a completely analog city reminds me that my love for the virtual is deeply embedded in physical environments.

What I mean is that we can talk about stories and branding and communication and information and education and interactivity and aesthetics – but all of that is content and our interface to the world occurs through the senses. In Oaxaca the senses are alive.

Photo courtesy of my iPhone
Photo courtesy of my iPhone

Everything here starts with a kiss. Literally. Every time people meet and part they exchange a touch of the cheeks, a kiss and a gentle grasp of the arm. You kiss before you exchange any words. It's so warm and real and connected.

But it's not just kisses. The experience of the city is hyper-sensorial: filled with color, texture, taste, smell, sound, affection.

The architecture is unabashedly colorful.

The Zocalo seems to be always animated with music, people, food and a range of more and less describable objects. The food somehow all tastes like a true labor of love – colorful, rich, complex, delicious. Even the smoky mezcal delivers a highly alert, unique and perceptive kind of inebriation.

All of this is just to say that I love multi-sensorial experiences and I think that those vibrant moments of connection are exactly what makes things enjoyable and memorable.

My Mexican lesson?

Drink more mescal and tequila, and remember that how we experience and interact with our interfaces really matters.
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