Optimism Among Young Designers at Salone Satellite

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When you see my posts trail off in April, it's because I am sucked into the abyss known as "Salone"(Salone di Mobile, Milan Design Week). As I explained in last year's post this annual combustion of art and design is unlike any other in the world. A flora of creativity flocks and drops its ponderings on the city of Milan; in some ways, it is a bit similar to the ephemeral experience that is Burning Man, but that's a discussion meant to be had with a bottle of wine (or several) and many hours to spare.

My studio, Knoend, presented again at Salone Satellite, the exhibition for young emerging design talents. This year, I presented 'Luck and Fancy' – a parlor room collection utilizing digital textile prints to create a 'nuovo rococo' aesthetic. Many visitors were convinced that I was a textile designer, which meant that maybe I was successful at trying my hand at textile design. What do you think?

Knoend's Luck and Fancy Collection at Salone Satellite 2010

This year, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, disrupted air transport in Europe in a major way, preventing many visitors from coming and going. The final tally was 95,000 cancelled flights within one week. It boggles my mind to think how much transport our world engages in on a daily basis.

The AirTraffic team at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences presents global air traffic patterns (a simulation over 24 hours).

Transport issues aside, I felt this year there was optimism in the air, playfulness and attention to craft were among the trends I saw among my neighbors. My bet is that we'll see more iteration of fun and color splash too. Here are my picks from Salone Satellite 2010:


Seasons - Silicone Serving plates by Nao Tamura

Forbidden Vase by Myriam B.Maguire as part of Fabrica project The Riot Act


Woofers by Sander Mulder

Still Lives by Kraud


Bon Bon Chandeliers by Ana Kras, Photo via Design Sponge

Stretch chairs by Jessica Carnevale


Bow Bins upcycled wastebaskets by Cordula Kehrer

Kobe University Student Marina Kadowaki presented a derivative plastic material from ordinary plastic shopping bags

Cygalle Shapiro's Tomato-powered LED Lamp Via Inhabitat

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