Real Artificial Intelligence is Playing with our Emotions

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Most of us are cynics so it's not very easy to show us something that is so surreal, fantastic and plausible that it captures our attention and resonates in the mind.

I'm going to be bold and tell you that this project might be one of those moments.

Last week I wrote about the future of interfaces and this week I'm sharing with you a manifestation of that future in the almost present. It's an interface that completely blurs the boundaries between nature and technology, the physical and the virtual, the real with the artificial.

It is Project Natal – code name for "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. These are three minutes that are definitely worth spending:

iPhones and the Wii allow us to abandon our mouse and keyboard in favor of human touch; OnStar technology only requires voice activation, and sixthsense's gesture technology from the MIT Media Lab empowers us to relinquish both.

Project Natal promises a future that exceeds all of these interfaces by far. A future that understands, emotes, converses, interacts – all through the most natural of interfaces – our bodies. This is a future that I just can't wait for.
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