3D Drawing with Rhonda

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Jennifer Bove, Kicker Studio.
Jennifer Bove, Kicker Studio.
This little video demo of the 3D drawing tool Rhonda has made its way around the internet this week, and I still haven't tired of watching it. Developed by Amit Pitaru, Rhonda has been touring museums, galleries and conferences for the past few years, and is now making her online video debut. In the first half of the video, James Paterson demonstrates creating a 3D drawing from scratch; and he then cycles through a series of previous drawings made with the tool. Maybe it's just me, but there's something incredibly charming about the way he's drawing, using the mouse to flip his characters onto different planes, building on layers of 2D lines to create 3D forms. It makes drawing in 3D look a lot easier than it probably is, and inspires me to want to learn to draw again. I really enjoy watching Paterson's drawings come to life, and I hope you to do. And the Neil Young is a nice touch as well.


Jennifer Bove is a founder and principal at Kicker Studio in San Francisco and on the faculty of the School of Visual Art's Interaction Design MFA department in New York. She travels, a lot.
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