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The news that actor Jason Lewis is suing Absolut over its use of the "Absolut Hunk" ad that appeared as a plot point in Sex in the City as a "real" advertisement is officially our new favorite industry story. We're on it like a California Lottery account review.

According to AdAge.com, Lewis is upset that the distiller distributed the near nude photo of him without indicating that it was from a "fictitious advertisement" and the suit notes that Lewis has avoided working nude so he will be taken seriously by the fashion and entertainment industries.

At the risk of inducing some sort of postmodern aneurysm, let's see if we have this straight. Jason Lewis, who is real but does not do beefcake, played a character named Smith Jerrod, who isn't real but does do beefcake. Jerrod agreed to be in a fake ad, which was of course real in the series, approved by Absolut (real) and created by TBWA/Chiat/Day (real) and shown on national television (very real), but now Lewis (real) wants to insist on the fact that the ad does not really promote the product. It's clear to us what the folks at Absolut should do. They should sue Smith Jerrod for breach of contract.

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