Boone/Oakley Auctions Super Bowl Ad on eBay

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In a patent play for attention and publicity -- which we hereby fall for big time -- Charlotte agency Boone/Oakley, creators of MTV2's "Talkin' Baby" campaign, are auctioning off a Super Bowl commercial on eBay. "You are bidding on a strategically sound, creatively brilliant Super Bowl television commercial concept, from the creative minds of one of the hottest ad agencies in the country: Boone/Oakley," the description reads. "Stop paying exorbitant ad agency fees for creative that doesn't do the job. Get the good stuff that sells lots of product. At a fair price. A price that you set yourself. Start the bidding now. What have you got to lose? Nothing. Except that over-paid under-producing set of posers that you currently call your ad agency." Tough talk, although the shop is backing it up with a guarantee. Their ad will make the top ten in USA Today's annual ranking of the game's commercials, or your money back.

The agency started the bidding at 99 cents, because -- as principal David Oakley explains -- "In retail you learn that if you price it under a dollar you'll get some action on it. They're spending two million for a spot. What's another 99 cents for a great concept?" At last look, the high bid for Boone/Oakley's offer was $510. Click here to scoff or bid, whichever you see fit.

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