Lamb, Chopped

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Since our Swedish is a little rusty, we're glad Åsk Wäppling at Adland took the time to summarize Sweden's latest ad furor.

Stockholm agency Cole, Russel & Pryce recently promoted the launch of its new website with an e-mail blast that featured a picture of a cute little sheep and encouraged people to visit the site "for the sake of the lamb." This was followed by a second e-mail showing the lamb with one of its hooves apparently chopped off. A select few received real lambs' hooves in the mail as part of the promotion. Funny, right?

Not if you're CR&P clients Vodafone and Djurens Rätt -- the latter of which happens to be an animal rights group. The agency eventually appeased angry clients by chopping off the head of Olle Sjödén, the shop's creative director and co-founder. Get all the gory -- and fully illustrated -- details by clicking here.

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