Mayor McCheese for President?

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As the presidential election heads into the home stretch, pundits will be busy scrutinizing polls in an attempt to project the winner. But they might be overlooking the most important question. If George Bush were a fast food chain, what fast food chain would he be? The Presidential ImagePower study -- conducted by branding firm Landor Associates and research firm Penn, Schoen and Berland -- maps the public perception of George Bush and John Kerry onto the perception of various brands. Why? We're not sure. We gather, however, that voters prefer to think of their favorite candidate as Subway rather than McDonald's, and that no one -- and we mean no one -- wants to come off looking like Kmart.

PLUS: The Martin Enduro Race Team -- The Martin Agency's foray into stock car racing -- makes its debut tonight at Richmond's Southside Speedway. Art director John Ryland will get behind the wheel of #64, a refurbished yellow and black Oldsmobile plastered with the logos of the agency's clients. You can read all about the extracurricular project on the MartinEnduro blog.

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