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As discussed here on Monday, money has fallen on such hard times that the U.S. Department of Treasury is launching an elaborate -- and no doubt costly -- campaign to promote the use of the new $20 bill. We're not sure how this happened, although we suspect Citibank's glib anti-money billboards might have something to do with our currency's plummeting Q-rating. Whatever the cause, many readers wrote in with good ideas for reviving Brand Money. Julie Koppman, ACD at New Orleans' Bent Media, suggests taking a cue from former money client Martha Stewart with the homey line "Money. It's a Good Thing." John Alexander, ACD at L.A.'s Frontline Communications, on the other hand, looks to a merchandising solution with the promotion "New Money: Now five for $100." Copywriter Ed Kobesky of Benco Dental in Wilkes-Barre, who has clearly taken calls for integration to heart, sent us an elaborate -- and satisfyingly costly -- plan to target "EVERY DAMN HOUSEHOLD IN AMERICA" (his caps) with a direct marketing package that will include a new $20 "to encourage sampling" and direct consumers to an online list of "participating merchants" who accept the new bills. But our favorite line comes from Tom Siebert, partner at Baltimore agency Carton Donofrio Partners: "Money: It's the root of all evil, but so what?"

BONUS: At the Chicago office of Cramer-Krasselt, employees kill time by secretly disco dancing behind clueless co-workers and capturing the results on tape. Check out the hilarious "Best of" reel at, which is quickly taking the web by storm, having just made Entertainment Weekly's "Must List." Be warned: "The '70s Are Right Behind You."

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