She's Got the Book that Kills

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Not to be upstaged by copywriter George Ellis, whose self-promotional video we linked to on Monday, Claudia Goetzelmann -- a German photographer based in San Francisco -- forwarded us a link to her self-promotional video, which demonstrates that she does indeed have a killer book.

Monday's item about the Buddy Lee shorts that are airing on MTV2 gave readers the impression that the films that are airing during "Control Freak" on Oct. 31, Nov. 14 and Nov. 28 form a series, with viewers voting on what will air on the latter two dates. In fact, each installment of the campaign is self-contained. On each of those dates, a short film starring Buddy Lee as a guidance counselor airs and viewers are given a chance to vote for one of three endings. The winning ending airs later in the program. We regret the confusion.

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