ON THE WEB: A World of Lists UnSpun

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As each year comes to a close, society is beset by an annual onslaught of lists. Best-of, Worst-of, Top-this, Bottom-that, there is no shortage of numbered rankings for everything that happened in the previous 12 months. Enter UnSpun by Amazon. It's a new site that's all about lists and features everything from "Top Women You Would Leave Your Partner For" to "Top U.S. MBA Schools." There's also localized rankings like "Best Pizza in Fargo-Moorhead" or "Top Plumbers in New York City." And instead of being subject to the whims of the usual internet listerati, like a random magazine staff or a bathrobe-bedecked tastemaker hunched in a basement, these rankings rely on user votes and input. So go ahead, make your vote count.
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