ON THE WEB: Will It Blend? That is the question.

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Blendtec, a company which apparently makes blenders so powerful they can reduce mighty cities to rubble has a product demo website captivating the internet with its destructive power. At Will It Blend? handsome, coy demo guy Tom Dickson (who we're guessing is some sort of scientist, perhaps a blendologist?) runs all manner of stuff through a Blendtec machine. The blender sells at $399 a pop, which really is a small price to pay to attempt the blends in the "Don't Try This At Home" category. An iPod, marbles, a rake, golf balls, bottled and canned drinks and hockey pucks are among the inedible goodies that get fed to the angry blender god, not to mention the foods—a tilapia, a McDonald's meal, oysters, a turkey dinner, "Coke + Chicken = Cochiken" and more. Moreover, occasionally Tom manages to convince people to taste his creations, and you can send in suggestions for future installments. Will It Blend? hits hard in all the big categories for On The Web—retro (but not ironic) stylings, a droll and endearing presenter and the expurgation of adolescent destructive urges in an controlled manner and a hilarious spoof.
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