ON THE WEB: Bravia's "Balls" Sequel, Bounce by Bounce

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Sustaining the avalanche of online interest following the release of Sony's "Balls," the ebb and flow of production surrounding the sequel will be blogged at www.bravia-advert.com. Visitors will be shown behind-the-scenes content for the follow-up spot and eventually will be able to view the complete work a week before it hits TV. With little more than photos of a drab Scottish skyscraper, the ad's concept isn't clear yet. Tonic, the digital agency creating the site, clearly has to let the cat out of the bag eventually. So, while we wait, we'll try to guess. Extrapolating from "Balls"-like occurences (such as during Reed College's annual Renn Fayre and a hack at MIT in 1994) it'd be an architecture-based techno prank like this or this.
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