ON THE WEB: Don't Buy Banksy!

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Not-so underground UK street artist Banksy has added a nice little collection of art to his website for fans to collect. Though listed under the Shop tab, the works are available for free to anyone with access to a high quality printer. The artist himself suggests "using the company printer ink when everyone else is at lunch." All he asks is that you don't "use this service to launch your own poster company or t-shirt line." Available prints include the two cops looking for crime (With their tongues. Down each other's throats.), and one of the images he painted on the Israeli West Bank barrier wall in 2005. Noticeably absent is a copy of the painting bought by Christina Aguilera last April for about $43,500, depicting Queen Victoria ... uh, suffocating another woman. Whether you're there to print something off, or prefer your graffiti sans celebrity, it's worth a click to see the video evidence of Banksy stealthily placing his work in some of the world's most prestigious museums.
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