ON THE WEB: Clickin' In The Wind

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Wind is a mysterious and magical thing. (Especially to those unversed in the ways of science and wizardry.) It's invisible power is such that you never know when it will grace your face with a soft and gentle breeze or simply knock you on your ass. One good thing about wind is it's use as a renewable resource that can be converted into electricity. Hell, Denmark meets about 25% of it's electricity demand with wind power. Ah, the Danes.
Anyway, enough about practical application of power—the innovative web folks at Stewdio have created the Wind Maker, which can actually apply current wind conditions to any website. Users can enter any U.S. zip code and the Wind Maker will apply the wind speed to a site of choice by breaking it up into blocks of text and images then setting them in motion. For the record, we found Kansas City (66101) and Honolulu (96803) really made Wikipedia dance much more than Key Largo or Chicago.
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