ON THE WEB: CoverPop's Strange Hypnosis

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Spend twenty minutes on the web and you'll realize there's more information than you ever can absorb available. In the face of this overload, Jim Bumgardener created CoverPop, an innovative and enthralling system that captures cover images of any sort of media you want—CDs, vintage Mad magazines, Sci-Fi novels, TV shows and more, displaying them in enormous interactive Flash collages. Mouse over a cover and it'll pop out of the pile, give you more information and allow you to click through to the archive where it came from. If it's available in whatever information pit Bumgardener's software pulled it from, you can buy it. The possibilities are endless, and more CoverPops have been created to showcase the top videos on YouTube (arranged like a TV test screen), photos of flowers on Flickr, sneakers, lingerie and more. Fiddle around with this site until the awe wears off and realize it's not the volume of data, but how you present it that matters.
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