ON THE WEB: Leap to the V Festival

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Desperation in the office will get you twice as much from Virgin, which not only offers users the strange release of flinging a character off a crane but also a chance to win tickets and luxury transport to the upcoming V Festival in England. Play at www.winvfestivaltickets.com as the chubby hip-hopper, disaffected emo kid, metalhead or spritely babe; just open your parachute before too long to avoid a faceplant into the pavement. After over twenty tries we still weren't successful, but land on the bus to be entered into the daily draw for free passes. Victors see an added bonus—send the game to up to five friends, and for every one that plays you get ten additional entries to the prize drawing. Though a bit removed from this rocking generation, despondent folks out there, we offer this disclaimer: Teenage suicide: don't do it!
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