ON THE WEB: MTV Nixes Hyphy Spicolis

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We figured out ghost riding the whip and thought we had hyphy nailed. But for some strange reason, what many are calling the hyphy summer anthem, The Pack's 'Vans', isn't on MTV. Could the title allude to some superdrug, or new violent crime techniques? No, it's just a nerdy song about everyone's favorite slip-ons, "cost 36 dollars, all-black." Clearly the heir to the "My adidas," "Air Force Ones" "White Tee" line of apparel-rap, the lyrics read part endearing ode to comfy, stylish shoes ("looking like a grown man, feelin' like I'm bout 30") and part ad copy ("since 1966 Vans has set a trend," "Vans don't cost cheese, real [bleeped] wear these," "if you wanna get right, stop buying those Nikes"). We always knew passing the Courvoisier was a slippery slope—MTV, which still allegedly shows music videos, is opting not to show The Pack's, on the grounds its adoring product placement is over the top.
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