ON THE WEB: Users Log Log Jokes on Charmin's Web Log

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Unsurprisingly, toilet humor is universal. Despite fears that the concept wouldn't translate, Publicis London's viral ad for Charmin, which illustrates slang British expressions that mean going to the bathroom, has been widely viewed since it went live, and not just in the U.K. People from across the globe have demonstrated there are many more euphemisms (ed. poo-phemisms?) for our excretory functions than are shown in the viral spot by contributing and voting for their favorites on a companion microsite. To vote for your favorite euphemism, or suggest your own, visit http://www.alittlebitrude.co.uk/ and follow the link to the Charmin blog. Expressions currently in the Hall of Fame include "Releasing the Chocolate Hostages" and "Becoming the Porcelain Assassin."
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