ON THE WEB: How to Win an Artsy Wii

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Just when you thought the Nintendo Wii couldn't get any cooler (nor your Wii bowling addiction any more horrific) along comes this contest running in The Great White North. Sporting an interface not unlike the Wii itself, the site touts the team-up of Nintendo Canada with creative services shop Udon Comics and Toronto-based art and design gallery/store Magic Pony to offer six hand-painted, artist edition Wiis to some seriously lucky winners. The first four Wiis – done by Gary Taxau, Hoi-An Tang, Arnold Tsang of Udon, and indie band illScarlett – are posted to check out, while the last two artists have yet to be announced. The contest is only open to Canadian residents, but these dolled-up Wiis are worth checking out even if you can't take one home. Still, six Canucks can look forward to playing golf on Wiis cooler than Rod Black's majestic moustache.
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