Chuck McBride, Executive Creative Director, TBWA/San Francisco

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What was the creative mandate behind these spots?

Both needed to deliver against "Impossible is Nothing" and at the same time reflect a truth about each athlete. But they also needed to reflect a sense of authenticity and honesty that is the soul of adidas.

How did these ideas come about?

They were born from a core truth about each particular athlete T-Mac is the most exciting and explosive scorer in the game today He's so focused and determined, when he goes to the hole it's as if nothing can stop this guy Chauncey Billups, who stars in "Improvisation," is a point guard from last year's champion Detroit Pistons He is one of the most versatile and creative players on the court. This story shows how he uses his agility when faced with a menacing parquet floor.

What were your inspirations?

The adidas basketball work in this campaign really started to hit a groove with the Kevin Garnett spot "Carry." It used a very simple visual metaphor that reflected a truth about Kevin.

Why do you think these spots have been successful?

It's a classic story of David and Goliath. For a challenger brand like adidas to take on one of the world's greatest brands-Nike-is inspiring It's always been an exciting and, at times, a daunting challenge. I think the international juries recognize how tough a task it is to compete with a brand of Nike's stature.

Do you feel the spots have a particularly American vibe? What do you think resonated with the juries that awarded them?

Each starts with a "truth" about basketball, which inevitably gives them an automatic appeal in America. These spots are designed to run in those areas where basketball is an important part of the sports fabric of the country. Primarily, this includes the U. S. , Asia and parts of Western Europe. This is a global brand, and the audience of judges are clearly from all around the world. There's more familiarity with adidas and a desire to see this storied brand from the past succeed.

Were the spots as successful with the target audience as with the judges?

We frequently share these commercials with our core "baller" audience and sports-minded kids, and we get feedback that the work is connecting and they're thinking about adidas in a new way.

Where are you taking the work now?

"Impossible is Nothing" is an elastic idea that can go in a ton of different directions.

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