Andrew's ANDYs: Keller's Buenos Aires Diary, Day Two

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CP+B's Andrew Keller
CP+B's Andrew Keller
Crispin, Porter and Bogusky executive creative director Andrew Keller is in Buenos Aires judging this year's ANDY Awards. His dispatches from the southern hemisphere will follow daily this week.

Last night's tangoing was relatively uneventful. It seems as though people are pacing themselves. For sure, judges did dance with scantily clad Argentinean women. But it was all under close adult supervision.

8:00 am: breakfast
9:00 am: judging begins again

The work is laid out on super, super long tables—more than 600 yards of work laid out in 4 episodes. This time all the judges went through every piece to narrow it down for the final round. I have to say there was some really exceptional work. Print seems to be coming on strong this year.

Super insightful judging sidebar:
Print is best kept simple. The people that nail it keep the idea simple and the layout simple. Everything simple. A visual. A line. An idea. What more could it need? How many times have we all heard this?
I know. It's a clich
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