Andrew's ANDYs: Keller's Buenos Aires Diary, Day Four

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CP+B's Andrew Keller
CP+B's Andrew Keller
Crispin, Porter and Bogusky executive creative director Andrew Keller is in Buenos Aires judging this year's ANDY Awards. His dispatches from the southern hemisphere will follow daily this week.

Some of what everybody's been hoping for started today.
The narrowing down. The culling. It's starting to get to the group and a new intensity is finding its way into the process.
Tons of TV still had to be reviewed this morning. But today was mostly about final decisions on print. And those decisions are in.
But they didn't come easy. I wish I could reveal what's in and what's out but I can't.
Hmmm, how to make this interesting?
Well, judges got a good laugh when I didn't recognize the shape of France in an ad. Oh, laugh it up. Laugh it up.
For the most part, debate was civil. No shouting matches. No fisticuffs. And decisions were determined with hand raising, following an occasional well-spoken plea on behalf of a piece of work.
In the end, it's all a good sign that there is stuff to be passionate about.
Hopefully you'll feel the same when the show hits. More tomorrow.
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