Andrew's ANDYs: Keller's Down Under Diary, Part 3

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CP+B's Andrew Keller
CP+B's Andrew Keller
For starters, there was a ton of great work. An incredible year. It was truly inspiring and humbling to see the advertising world rising to every sort of challenge. Finding new ways to brand and sell. It's obvious that more and more companies are turning to their agencies to help with everything and anything. And the insight that comes with that is making for better work.

Also, there wasn't that much debate. No posturing, no arguing. Mostly love. [Mark] Waites ran the proceedings with authority and fairness. Which made it easy to discuss, vote and move on.

My only insight is that it's getting more and more difficult to award a TV spot as the GRANDY. Or as the centerpiece of any show. Not to say that we didn't. But the innovative ideas and integrated ideas are feeling so powerful and generate so much seeming business success that it's hard to argue with their presentations.

I will conclude with a warning. Most of the judges I spoke to were very inspired by the work. And could be tough to deal with when they arrive back at the agency. Be ready.

And finally, a farewell to Sydney. A beautiful city that showed us every side of her: sun, rain, heat, cold. And people that are some of the most friendly I've met in the world. As we leave, just down the beach, The Iron Man Race is being completed. It seems somehow fitting. We have a whole year ahead of us till the next ANDYs, to sprint and swim and generally kick some ass. Good luck. Read Part 2 of Andrew's Diary
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