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When we first saw Butch Belair's fashion spread in February's Vibe, we were immediately taken by how unexpected his images appeared. We'd thought we'd seen it all in terms of manipulated, mutilated, compressed, depressed and distressed imagery, but his stuff was so freaking weird-and sexy-we were immediately drawn to it. A flurry of phone calls ensued, and next thing we knew Butch had agreed to do an exclusive cover for Creativity. Inspired by our piece this month on advertising characters, Butch wanted to do something that suggested kitschy-cool ad-like icons, which is why our cover kids look like they've spent a little too much time at Bob's Big Boy.

Now for a quick word about the Cliff Freeman Comedy Corner. While our attorneys are investigating the possibility of trademarking the name of this prestigious editorial feature, we want to point out to readers that this item is named in honor of Cliff Freeman, advertising's reigning King of Comedy; however, neither Cliff nor any of the creative people at his fine agency have any role in the selection of each month's Comedy Corner TV spot. This sacred task is the job of the jaded Creativity edit staff, which uses an annoyingly subjective and ever-changing set of top-secret standards as its rule.

I bring this up because last month we did an Upfront piece on a new Pep Boys campaign from Cliff Freeman & Partners that several of the agency's folks took issue with. They thought we'd unfairly compared the ads to their similarly hilarious work for Staples. Suddenly we realized, they weren't in the Comedy Corner! Instead, one of those creepy (and darkly funny) Bud Ice penguin spots made the Corner, while Pep Boys had to vie for your attention with all the other Upfront items. So just to clear up any confusion, we want you to know: the Comedy Corner is open to funny spots from agencies of all races, creeds and national origins. Aside from our own ingrained biases, no favoritism is

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