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St. Pauli Girl
St. Pauli Girl
Here we see how beer becomes her. And how a beer brand becomes invisible.

In the annals of inane beer ads, I've always held a special place in my heart for two particular genres: the cross-species leching category, in which a randy dog or cat or primate (or, in a rare sub-genre, a plush toy) makes sexual advances toward a human female; and the babe-as-product category, where shapely women are depicted not in the flesh, but in the beer- living vessels of amber liquid (to be, one supposes, by implication, consumed by beer and female enthusiasts). The latter doesn't come around often (I wonder why that is) but when it does, it's a special treat. The last execution I can recall was an out of home campaign for Michelob. Here, St. Pauli Girl offers a series of portraits of liquid honeys-beer in the shape of a featureless women, complete with and foam hair dripping down golden condensation droplet-coated bodies.

The effect is equal parts creepy and unintentionally funny (the white capped heads lend an unfortunate and unsexy yeti-like look to the "girls.") This is neither good enough gratuitous female exploitation to entice the more meat-headed Maxim reader (the one who is really living his "I Wish You Were a Beer" T-Shirt) nor decent enough advertising to appeal to the more evolved beer (and ladies) lover. Combined with the heebie-jeebie-inducing tag line, "You Never Forget Your First Girl," the campaign is truly something to embarrass even the busty Teutonic female mascot on the St. Pauli label.
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