(P)ICK OF THE WEEK: Mooninites take Boston

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Nothing gets folks on the Internet riled up like the man confiscating cartoon LED advertisements
Nothing gets folks on the Internet riled up like the man confiscating cartoon LED advertisements
It's really not often that a piece of marketing makes us feel as conflicted as the recent fiasco surrounding the Mooninites and the city of Boston. Who is to blame? A well-intentioned (we presume) marketing agency that was working for a great client and took things too far? Do you really think it was wise to send a bunch of street teamers (typically grimy and terrorist-looking, let's be honest) to put stuff under bridges and in other semi-hidden places in urban centers?

Are you going to blame the city of Boston for it's 24-ish hyper vigilance? Seriously, Boston—if that terror thermometer heats up your tourism board should really get the 'if anything looks weird we shut things down' campaign cranking. Or at least make that Jack Bauer guy from the TV some sort of Honorary Knight of Freedom. Blame aside, the more things progressed with the Aqua Teen incident, the weirder it got-the two cheeky monkeys who were arrested and held a press conference on hair from the '70s pulled us one way—we can't help but endorse annoying the press and the jowly aristocracy of Boston's municipal services—yet at the same time if you're a culprit in this sort of situation you probably owe someone an apology.

Perhaps the only positive thing to come out of this is the evangelization of the Mooninites and their anti-Earth, pro-Moon message. These are bad guys. They cause all sorts of trouble. They flip the bird. They smoke while they flip the bird. They steal and fight. And as far as cartoons go they're stars in a pretty fantastic one. And anytime our parents call to ask about a half-baked cartoon we love it's a good thing.

Letters to AdCritic HQ have taken both sides, from direct competitors of Interference quick to rip the action and claim it was, among other things, a campaign conceived by a green member of the agency to others who demanded we side with the "artists," whoever those may be.

It's not often an entire city's police and emergency services department appears like an old timer yelling at punk kids to get off the lawn, and in the spirit of youthful fun we've got to ultimately come down on the side of the marketers. Don't be mistaken, though-there's no grand political statement here, there's no art. Just flippin' the bird.

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