PICK OF THE WEEK: A sweet and salty taste of the apocalypse

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McDonald's - See Things
McDonald's - See Things
It must be said: all in all, "the Super Bowl of advertising" this year wasn't. We generally like to keep it positive here at AdCritic, but we thought the dedicated Super Bowl spots could have been...oh, I don't know...better. And, as we've noted before on our SB site, the best spots in the game were previous efforts from Coke. And so, our honorary combined pick of the week is Coke "Happiness Factory" and "Videogame."

And, in a freaky Friday twist, McDonald's "See Things" is our pick of this week proper. The idea of kids being encouraged to eat McDonald's may not be that appealing, but the ability to actually do an interesting and watchable spot for the fast feeder must be given its due.

Yep, Coke and McDonald's. It's either a positive indicator of great things to come for the industry, or a sweet and salty taste of the apocalypse.
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