PICK OF THE WEEK: Air Force - "Do Something Amazing"

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U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force "Do Something Amazing"
As a slogan and general philosophy, Just Do It may be fine if you're looking to get fit, or, like, live a good life on your own terms. But c'mon. It's 2006—where does the restless 18-24 year old go from there? This site from GSD&M and interactive shop Zugara on behalf of the Air Force provides one answer: Do Something Amazing—truly a message for our times.

This AF recruitment site is so slick that it transcends the Ick to become a Pick. The site urges viewers to do the aforementioned amazing thing by presenting, in a clear and compelling fashion, just some of the truly amazing things to be done in the name of peace and patriotism—or as the site copy describes them, "amazing clips (that) provide a personal never before seen look at our awesome skill and fighting power." In those clips, we see jaw dropping footage of a missile launching from an F-22 fighter; we see Special Ops daredevils leaping into clouds; we see bombs—and plenty of them (sample copy on the section entitled Boom: "Laser guided. Free fall. Air to air. Heat seeking. Cluster bombs. You want explosions? We deliver.") So for the aggressively minded, there's no mistaking the draw here: you WILL get to f*ck something up good.

But it's not all guns and ammo—there's something for everyone here. Dog lovers can visit a section called Security Forces and see commando canines in action (the few seconds of ground level footage showing a german shepherd running by in a barely-visible blur are more interesting than half of the commercials I watched today) and a young woman talking about aerial photography assures interested viewers and shutterbugs that "It's easy. Anyone can do it."

It's deadly effective and, God help me, it looks and sounds fantastic. The navigation is smooth, the video snaps crisply into place and you hear satisfyingly metallic sounds and static buzz and airmen's voices as you mouse and click around the site.

If this is getting me excited about the wild blue yonder (and I'm afraid of heights and still weep late at night about the time I accidentally pinged a bird with a slingshot) I'm guessing it's going to do wonders for the disenfranchised, the adventuresome and the natural born killer alike.

Bonus Ick of the Week

And taking a moment to wallow in the irony, we send congratulations to Ogilvy Malaysia for handily winning the September sensitivity award for these Pirelli print ads that arrived a few days after the 9/11 anniversary, a few weeks after the Katrina anniversary and smack in the middle of any number of horrific armed conflicts raging around the world. A truly deserved Ick.

Pirelli - Hurricane
Pirelli - Hurricane

Pirelli - Car Bomb
Pirelli - Car Bomb
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